2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


When was Fenton born it must of started then he was created in a lab and programmed nothing to do with lads in Raheny bringing lads on… Shouldn’t mock him he genuinely seems bewildered, how can someone who hates sport be a sports writer .

Anyway lads seemed little rusty in the first half, the small dust up just before halftime seemed to get them going. Played brilliantly on the beak and were devastating the way they opened up Kildares defence and really could have had a couple of more goals with Scully etc.


Yup , the old story has run its course , no hes delving back deeper . Wonder what he will construe from the heavy defeats in '08 & '09 . Money coming out of our ears & yet we still got slaughtered.


I see @DUB09 hero Cooper is getting pelters about feigning an injury. Anybody get a good view , I was miles away from it .


Happy enough with that overall. Clearly still a bit rusty, but when they needed to the the lads could clearly just go up through the gears and Kildare had no response. On that performance I’d fear for Kildare’s survival prospects.

I thought Basquel was lucky to come back out in the second half, but he had a much better performance and justified his selection. Howard had a very good game also. Player I was most impressed with was Fenton. I felt he was a bit off his best last season, but he looked very impressive tonight. Brogan also looked sharp and gave some lovely little passes.


I dunno I think he will get some traction from it. We win this year there will be a melt down. I dunno what the end game is and it won’t be a Dublin split but this fucker is not going to go away.


Yeah , I was sure he’s see the line . I’m glad Jim let him make up for it in the second half . He had a fine game after the break .


Got a shove in the back of the head , maybe it was sore maybe it was nt but Johnny winds the opposition up . Should cut some antics out of his game , he is a terrific defender and does nt need the dark arts .


Of course he will , and what then . He’d not dare go back & challenge how things were between '83-'95 .
Very conveniently picks '04 because that was the last period we were poor .


Wonderful player , I wish he wouldn’t draw attention on himself like this . Let the footballing do the talking .


HE is desperate and he doesn’t care about the 80’s. The more we win OBC, Leinster and AI the more he is like a dog with a bone.


The one thing I dislike of JC. It’s a dirty part of his game and I’d wish the ■■■■ he would cut it out. It’s nit manly or what I expect of a Dublin player. Leave that sort of theatrics for wankers and bolloxisis


Maybe he is one.
If opposition do it, they’re a wanker or a bollix.
If JC does and not a one off, he should cut it out as he isn’t.


Just saw Fentons two points after the break , missed them having a smoke . That coupled with his first half point & then the goal . Outstanding , he put Feely in his shadow this evening .


Fenton was awesome. Poor first half overall, Kildare should have been about 4 up at the break. Second half saw a change in attitude and the rest clicked. Howard looks the part. Kickouts were poor by Cluxtons standards. Lovely touch by Brogan for Rocks goal. Kilkenny did well also.


How would he explain the Dublin hurlers lack of success when they have acess to the same 'financial doping ’ the footballers have ??


A question I was asking myself for a while tonight.


Excellent observation.

Kildare had opportunities but wasted them.

Fenton was superb at times, kicked two lovely points off either foot. But money etc etc.

Great to see a lot of desire from players in the second half.


Ya won’t get far on this website with truths like that. Only mayo and Kerry players dive and foul off the ball don’t ya know. :kissing_heart:


Very rusty performances.Bar first 15/20 of second half we were average.Fenton,MDMA and Kilkenny cleaned up around the middle.Cooper got involved in a lot of needless incidents. Dont think centre back is his best position for Dublin. Thought Kildare wilted too easily.Some of their players trying to act the hard man went into their shells in second half.


I’m not defending him. I don’t like this sort of behaviour.