2018 NFL: Round 1 - Dublin v Kildare, Croke Park, Saturday January 27th, 7pm (Live Eir Sport 2)


Great stuff tickets have gone to a resser :+1:




What’s Sean McMahon like ?


Enjoyable game down in Pairc Ui Keaveney. Tipp can play some nice fliuid football. Opening up Cork


No DC or Cormac Costello on the bench :thinking:


One J Cooper charging around the place like a demented blue bottle, as per. No sign of being on the beer for 4 months. :beers: :grin:


Very slow pace to the first half, would have expected Kildare to try and up the tempo a bit, strange goal, the Kildare lad looked about a foot over the line, but the TV angle is not conclusive, strange that he was there by himself, nobody protested either. Rock blowing hot and cold with the frees, disappointed for Basquel, not really working for him so far, some nice points from both teams, especially Fenton’s one. the kick out rule does not seem to have had any impact on Cluxton, finding men with ease, except for one that went over the sideline.


We just blitzed them


Fenton master clsss


Fenton superb. No.14 for Kildare look v promising.

Game has gone very soft. Frees for any contact at all now.


Fabulous performance from Fenton. Bernard also showed there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet! His flick up for Rock’s goal was magnificent. Howard and Basquel should be happy with their performances too, 5 points between them is a pretty good return.


Good stuff and in fairness to Kildare they are trying to do things right, honestly hope they keep at what they are doing. We are miles ahead in everything, but we need counties that are at least willing to give it a go rather than the lets go down the damage limitation road


Fenton had played about 35 or more games for Dublin in league and championship - he’s only lost one game


Fenton was superb. Hard to believe the lads are only back off their holidays. Howard showed really well but I thought Basquel was bullied a little. Very impressive second half performance and was delighted for MDMA. Thought he done fantastic against Feeley.


Some statement of intent to Kildare, get back in yer box this Dublin team is going nowhere yet.

Poor ould Ewan was tweeting his displeasure at the unfair system way before the final whistle


This was what I was talking about in another thread about him going back even further than '11 to '04 . Hes running out of material .


I be concerned if I was his parents judging by the twitter account and his posts on the kildare forum. Thinking he is on the verge of a breakdown being one and also wondering how did I play a part in producing an absolute bellend being the other. Kinda enjoy reading his stuff though . Fascinating to observe in an odd way.


Has a lovely Jink about him , can skin players with ease . Very impressive tonight .


Took a while for us to get motoring but we blew off the cobwebs by the time the 2nd half-got under way.

Good league debuts for Howard & Basquel. Scully’s point after his horror goal effort showed a proper attitude. Next play, next play.
Fenton was superb. Almost as if Feeley throwing down the gauntlet early doors motivated Brian to push on & dominate. Barnard’s flicks a joy to behold. Hope MDMA didn’t do too much damage with the ankle roll which, I guess, resulted in his early withdrawal.


I twigged that when I had a peek on his twitter account. So we have been financially doped since 2004… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: