2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm


That’s mad then


It’s maddening


Galway’s last point was a foot wide. I was standing level with it as was Barry Kelly the linesman. Noticed the reaction from Galway free taker, he couldn’t believe the flag went up.


Feck sake. We was robbed.


so maybe he needs ot be called the footballer formerly known as Madden.


We could introduce those quaint countryisms so that we have the ‘Hurler’ Madden and the ‘Baller’ Madden.


Hurl Madden and Ball Madden and the correct culchieisms


Are they related? Brothers?


Hi … I’m Larry, this is my brother Paul and this is my other brother Paul …


We were talking countryisms, weren’t we?


Jesus wept. Barely had time this week to react to this game. Good to hear McBride had a good game, think he’s a good bit of stuff and can play ball, need him to fulfill the promise, sounds like he might be on the road now.


Bit embarrassing for our hurlers to go out of the Champo at the same time as the likes of Waterford and Tipp … no?


Ha yea. The scheduling might need a rethink.


We could have our own ‘Alternative Round Robin Liam’ with them boys!


Just see this now. I didn’t see the flight of the ball, but definitely the crowd behind it were surprised.

Mind you I was surprised the first Dublin goal was given as I didn’t see it cross the line, and I was near. But there were no great complaints, so it must have.


Winties looked a bit suspect which is what the umpire awarded, but, Trollier made sure of it. I know Winties was given the goal, but, internally Trollier was claiming it.