2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm


On a more positive note from me, I think to have been extremely competitive and very close to winning in three round-robin games against two of the very best teams in the country, and away to one of them, and away to a strong team that has been developing for years and has a settled (!!) management is a real achievement.

If we had run two teams close in absolute knock-out games we might be saying “so near and yet so far” but I think the consistency achieved over the four games looks to me like very tangible progress, even in fact progress from the Anto era…




Agreed, frustrating to watch him take the ball into traffic so often this year but should only improve for next year.


Ah jaysus @amigo … you throw in a nice one line explanation … then completely undo it with your second line. So I take it the hurler Madden wasn’t up to much with the big ball.


I didn’t think he was at anything, I thought the Galway lad was holding his run every time. Although I did think Sutcliffe got two yelllows…

He had a great game though…


I heard he found it hard to balance the big ball on the stick so one had to go and the football Madden chose not to play hurling while the hurling Madden in revenge chose to play hurling albeit he is a fine footballer too by all account.
Maddening isn’t it?


Great to be getting goals but is that disguising our inability to bang the ball over the bar? And as well as doing poorly on scoring points, we also conceded a lot of points. At a glance, that would be down to MF and HFs failing to stop their men? We can’t blame the defence, they’ve been bleedin deadly.


“Hurler Madden” is a great little nickname. Ger Canning would love that in commentary.


A few missed frees cost us the game. But yes, we do aren’t o struggle to get 20 points v the top teams.


I reckon you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Reliable free-taking would have carried us past KK for sure.


That begs the question who is the best free taker at our disposal ?


Hats off to the guys last night. We were outstanding in 2nd half. Lots of Galway people seat near me agreed that a draw would have been a fair result. I thought Eoghan O Donnell had a great game! Agree that missed frees cost us. But Galway missed a couple as well. That game can be a massive learning curve for us. Take the excellent point scored by Whelan I think! From a very tight angle on the end line in final mins. Shane Barrett whom I think had a great season! Tried to allow the ball run dead and clearly thought it would cross the line so seemed to slow his run. Whelan chased it down made an angle and popped it over. Little things. But had Shane continued his run that score would never have happened! These are the fine margins we need to work on over the winter. I’m very happy where we are at right now. It’s a far cry from the position we found ourselves in (performance wise) after the Tipp game last summer!


Pa and Patrick Horgan have led the way in avoiding this type of confusion.


That’s the thing really, Ryan has been an outstanding free taker for years and would be our best by far normally. But, he wasn’t great on them this year. But lots of off season practice should bring him back. He has the most reliable free taking style and best trajectory. Treacy is actually much better then he should be with his style. But to contradict myself entirely, Treacy was better then Ryan last night.

Bu the introduction of Nolan as a free taker is a big thing. He should now be hitting anything in our half of the field. He had a great year all round - our goals against stats are phenomenal.

There was a great sideline cut by McBride for a point too. It was well out also. He had a great all round game, bossed midfield in the second half.


The blatant nudge before the ball landed that gave away the free for the last point (maybe second last) was inexperience also. Mind you, a lot of people around me thought the resultant free went wide.

On umpiring - I must have missed it, because there were no huge complaints from Galway, but for the life of me I couldn’t see where the first Dublin goal crossed the line. No one around me could either and I was nearly level with that line.


Yea we have given away some stupid frees all year! Need to reduce this carelessness if we want to see out big games


The first half of this game was a bit of a tactical nightmare. We seemed to have no full forward line at all. Danny was moved out to the half forwards early, and even before that he seemed to be the puck out target. There was so much room in the full forward line that there was one time Skehil lost the ball in the sun, it landed at his feet, he had time to figure out what happened and pick it up and clear it. 5 or 6 balls went into a non existent full forward line for easy clearances. Galway are really good, awesome at times, but we were making them look better.

Paul Ryan has a lot to contribute, but he can’t be a primary ball winner in the full forward line on his own. He is neither fast enough or strong enough. Treacy played out the field all the time. McGibb made a difference when he went in to the full forward line, but not enough of one.

Winters and Dillon changed everything, more Winters though then Dillon probably. But both were more physical and gave the backs a harder time. Treacy showed a bit of class from time to time. Boland was also able to show a bit of class and got a good score. Sutcliffe is absolutely fabulous. He gets dogs abuse from the defenders but keeps tearing into them. He is probably the best tackler on the team as well as his ball winning.

Every young player has a game where they discover they are above averagely good at this standard, and i think yesterday was Rian McBrides, that was the day we have been waiting for since he was a minor, he was one of the best on the field from both teams. Cian came on and did ok too.

Not everyone was good, and some were good for patches and made mistakes other times. Galway were generally crisper and more methodical then we were. There was one passage of play where one of our guys (not sure who) was going on a great solo run down the middle and he had a Dublin player off to his left who was on for a certain score, but he gave the ball to his right because it is just an easier skill to execute at high speed. You can’t have that at this standard - there is a range of skills that players have to have and need to be able to execute 9 times out of 10.

But this team was based on who was available, and also to give guys a chance who hadn’t had it all year. So it was a selection that came with caveats.

For next year, we will bring into the team (the team from the Kilkenny game for instance) probably Dillon, Boland and possibly Winters. Burke will be back and thereabouts also. There will be one or two promotions from the u21s also. Maybe Conroy could fit into the half back line allowing Moran to midfield which may be a good position for him. If Conroy did come into the half backs we would have a gigantic half back line!

But I think we will possibly have three new forwards who will improve what we have. It’s a small thing too, but I think if we had put Nolan on long distance frees earlier, we would still be in the championship…


Agree about Rian McBride playing very well. Heard a few Galway supporters commenting on his ability. Eoghan O Donnell played very well and I wonder is there a case for the playing him further out the field. Made a few telling runs out of defence in 2nd half that created scores. If Paul Schutte is fit and available next season it would free up Eoghan to move away from corner back! That incident about the goalkeeper losing flight of ball in the sun was comical. But there should have been someone in there looking for a tap in!


Certainly would like to see o donnell further out the pitch. I feel he could become one of tbe leaders of the team and to drive us on next year


That’s it now for seven days months unfortunately. Let’s hope the 21s keep going…


To confuse you even more, hurler Madden played minor football for Dublin instead of hurling…