2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm


Is that Dermots brother … :joy:


Scoring goals without potentially our best goal scorer in Trollier…


No …he is a brother of Diarmuid Connelly


Ha Wexford! Such a pity we didn’t get a result against them. Great effort by the lads today but will need to break the habit of narrow defeats as underdogs, need to win a big game like that fairly soon next year.


He still hasn’t convinced me 100% during games.
You can’t argue what he’s done off it and getting lads back but we’ve won 3 games out of 10 if that’s the standard we are setting for ourselves with the talent we have then fair enough
As I said it’s progress from last year but we were rock bottom then.




Are you not aware that @Newkidontheblock is the ultimate hurler and has done it all


Is that only one goal against us in the championship?


Anyone got the scoring list? Interested to see how Boland did after some of the total nonsense posted earlier in this thread.

Either way. This year is a massive launching platform for our lads. Massive success will be in our near future.


Anyone see what Danny was up to towards the end to get the yellow? Looked fairly bad from where I was (opposite end terrace)


DMT reckoned it could have been red!


The rte live update said he was lucky to just get yellow .


Obviously 3 out of 10 isn’t the standard we are setting ourselves and you know it, Gilroy has done an excellent job from what we were left with after last year. We are improving all the time and will only get better.

The solid foundation he has set in the back 7 will be our launch pad next year combined with a bit of luck on the injury front and and we will have proper competition for places and a solid bench.

Great goal by Trollier today will be great to have him back 100% next year along with 1 or 2 more.

Dublin hurlings future looks bright.


I think you’re being a little bit harsh. I’m pretty encouraged by what I’ve seen so far. Next year is going to be the year to judge properly. Big year for PG and the team.


Was that a diffrent James Madden that came on the hurlers?


Think so ye.
We do have a back 6 yo rival the best.


Ye. There are 2 James Maddens in boden . 1 a footballer and 1 a hurler. Although the football Madden was a good hurler too.


He has been fairly ratty in a lot of games this year. Looking forward to seeing him next year though after the year back this year. Will only get better next year I think. But needs to stop being so individual.


I’ve been encouraged too don’t get me wrong but just wouldn’t agree saying it’s been a very good year and still wouldn’t give them a free pass because they are in year 1 of their term.


They should go by middle-names to make it less confusing.