2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm



Gia for Dublin. I am level with end line and it wasn’t the first cousin of a goal. Umpire mistake, but we will take it. 3 in it now. Dillon and Winters on


Another goal - one point game. Winters and Dillon have changed the dynamic completely


Level! Nolan, of all people, with equalizer


One up!!


Hon Dublin!


Wow :open_mouth:


Back head again 2-15 to 0-20


2.18 to 23. 8 left


Third injury time loss in four games!

In fairness it’s been a very good year.

With a bit of luck next year could be really good!


Ah shite in a bucket !

So close & yet so far.


Great effort by the sounds of it. Season could’ve been very different with a bit of luck.


so we lost 3 games by a combined total of 4 pts


The first half and also the missed frees cost us. We won the second half by 6 or 7.


Thanks Wifi for the updates.Tearing the hair out last few mins but fair play to the lads


I wouldn’t agree on it’s been a very good year, we’ve improved on last year alright but still a lot to do. I would say it’s a 6/10 year as we were knocked out of championship with a game to go in early June.
A very good year would be winning more games through league and championship.
But we are scoring goals which is a massive plus and gives us a platform going forward but being out so early and lads away from each other for 5/6 months isn’t ideal.


3 losses…Gilroy must GO…must go ON !

Well done management and players…great championship season even if we have come just short


Considering where we were coming from it’s been a very good year. We were in bits at the end of last year and very few people though Gilroy would have a hope of doing anything. I suspect they think differently now.


Concur with most of that, considering the previous years though I’d raise the score to a 7/10.


Kilkenny turned on the Yella Bellies in the second half erased a 9 point lead and won by a point. Entertaining game. Dublin are not that far away.