2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


Our hurling has improved this year no question! Still a bit to go to be up there with the big boys! But improved it certainly has!


There’s no issue offering an opinion. There is an issue with expecting people to agree with you or not offer an alternative viewpoint which opposes yours.


Are Galway top of the group no matter what now? They’d have it on head to head no matter if they lose next week?

Dead rubber champo game for them. This was the danger with the new system.


Good win today apart from some very poor shooting in first half. Our back 6 are very strong. As good 5,6 and 7 that’s around. Think crummy and Barrett got 8 between them. And Moran read the game well.
Paddy Smith has really come on this year.
Keaney and rushe are absolute warriors.
Danny needs to look at giving quick ball off. Got dispossessed a lot today. Still too greedy.
At least we have developed our game since the league. I agree with those saying our hùrling has improved.
All in all pretty happy with the way things have gone under pat. Big year next year .
For now I’d like to see us go orthodox 15 again v Galway. Would be great to get the win here.


If there is nothing to play for against Galway, I would not read too much into the game, Gilroy may be a great manager, but even the best manager on earth would struggle to motivate the players to be fired up for this game, Not an easy season to take, the team played well, could have won a game or two more, but now they are ore out after all the effort, the big job for Giller now is to convince them that it is all part of the process, to coin a phrase, but I really believe it is.


Happy enough with that today. Seemed a bit nervous in opening 20 mins. Paul Ryan goal settled us down. Dominated final 30 mins. Nolan Barrett and Keaney were excellent. Referee was very poor for both teams. No matter what the outcome is v Galway next week Grading for Gilroy in year one C+


I thought there was a big improvement on this time last year, we don’t have a benchmark against Wex or KK from last years championship, but I suspect they would have beat us out the gate.


Our backs are superb at stopping goals. All year our goals against has been really low, even in games where we were being well beaten. That would suggest we could survive without a sweeper.

But I think Rushe needs space in the FF line for the ball to be played into, so withdrawing a forward might have other benefits. Rushe is a great servant to Dublin, but he needs to upskill himself or he will become only a player for certain games and not a core player on the team.

He is surprisingly ineffective under a high ball in the forwards also. Someone needs to put a mountain of work into him over the next six months - if he could be got right for the position, he could win us All Irelands.


Ah jaysus @Wifi … let’s aim for Leinster first …


Well done to the lads today and good work all round to get things moving in the right direction again. Wonder is Michael Dignan crying with nostalgic joy again. When it really matters Mike…


And I was using the plural :grinning:


Shane Barrett hit some awesome scores and Crummey was not half bad either. Sean Moran is the rock in the centre. If you look at Dublin through 3, 6, 8/9, 11 and 14 they are very solid. Gilroy obviously building this core. Thought McGibb was very good in the second half too. And Ryaner has got important goals for us all through. I expect us to give Galway plenty but unfortunately no more C’ship games this year - which would have been of huge benefit at this time.


Watched TSG, no MOTM announced?


Even if you discount Offaly game V KK and V Wexford we were much improved from last last year.

You say effort, attitude and fight have improved but hurling hasn’t. In 2017 those three basic things were the main problem. What Hurling do you mean, fielding, striking and first touch have improved I believe not to the standard need to win an All Ireland but still improved. Our point taking and decision making under pressure needs to come on but the gameplan management have put in place suits the players at our disposal and were executing very well. So in terms of all these factors our Hurling has improved, not perfect but certainly improved.

I think in year one, the main thing Gilroy has done has got guys motivated and willing to put in the effort required. After the last three years and the soul destroying Tipperary wipe out our Hurling has improved no end and any view to the contrary is just inaccurate.


Just home. After a few early nervy looking wides that was a Great scoreline to run up, wasn’t sure we were capable of getting 25+ scores. HB line are a serious platform now. Offaly did look a bit jaded.

What a shame we let kilkenny off the hook.


Yea the kilkenny game stings a lot more than the wexford game cause we actually should have won it rather than the wexford game where we some how ended up in a winning position and ended up blowing it.

Always knew our hurling would improve this year with Gilroy in charge and as year 1 on a 3 year road I will take it frustrating as it may be cause the way the lads played they don’t deserve to be put of championship by early June.

We will learn from it and come back stronger next year I think we have a great starting 15 and our bench will be where we need to improve on next year (if we had dillon coming off the bench v kk and wex I don’t think we would have lost either) we just need that tad more experience and that only comes with time unfortunately.

But onwards and upwards roll on September and the club Champ :slight_smile:


Something related to the wrists? With added ‘sshhh’.


Very comfortable in the end, though I had a bad feeling approaching half time when despite being in total command of the game, we led by only 3 points having had the aid of a stiff enough breeze. Some of the wides we hit in their first half were abysmal and when you consider that Bergin missed two easy frees and another scoreable one from the wing, it could even have been worse. Felt a hell of a lot better about it after that 1-2 in the last couple of minutes of the half.

No doubt Offaly’s forward line had a good deal to do with it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Dublin defence so dominant against any opposition in a competitive Senior match. Each one of them absolutely bossed their opposite number for almost the entire time they were on the pitch. And great to see we could do that without any kind of sweeper in place.

On the other hand, despite us notching 2-24, the forwards continue to frustrate. 34 minutes into that game - at home, with a breeze behind them and against opposition as feeble as you’re going to get at this level (and who weren’t employing a sweeper either) - they’d managed one point from play between the six of them. Granted, they picked it up from there on but really it was a case on relying on Barrett and Crummey for scores up to then. Delighted to have Danny back and there was nothing wrong with his workrate yesterday but his confidence in his long range shooting, formerly one of his best attributes, really has gone off the edge of a cliff since his return. I think that’s the underlying cause behind him running the ball so much, which all too often sees him getting bottled up and losing good possession. You’d like to think it’s something can be worked on over the winter. As can some of our other shortcomings in the forwards, as I’m pretty sure a few of our younger lads would be less timid in trying to win ball with a bit more meat on their bones.

As many have said, it really is such shame that we didn’t hold out for what would have been a deserved win against Kilkenny. Would have made both games next weekend fascinating.

Finally, a word on Offaly. As somebody who started to go to GAA games just as they were becoming a hurling force for the first time, yesterday was a sad day, albeit one that has been coming a long time. Their only hope now is that officialdom will give them a reprieve but no points and a scoring difference of -62 won’t help their claims that they belong among hurling’s elite. I do still feel the competition format that sees the bottom team in Leinster being automatically relegated if a Leinster team wins the Joe McDonagh but there being a playoff in the case of the equivalent happening in Munster is fundamentally flawed and unfair. The notion that Munster is a stronger province than Leinster is ultimately an opinion, not a fact, and a contentious one IMO given that the last three National titles have been won by teams playing in the Leinster Championship. Even the argument that there are four Munster teams in Division One compared to two Leinster ones would be tenuous, as it fails to take account of the anomaly that the reigning All Ireland Champions and by consensus, the strongest team in the land right now, aren’t in the top flight. It really does feel like something nobody really thought through. For all Offaly have brought to hurling over the last four decades from such meager resources, I wish them well in their battle.


did you watch TSG highlight show @URoy? i thought Loughnane made a good case for Offally using the Mcdonagh cup to build, they’ll be playing later into the summer then this year and the winners come back into the LiamMccarthy so they get a shot at playing Croke park twice next summer - he almost made me wish we’d got relegated.


My problem Tayto is the application of two different rules to equivalent scenarios. If Westmeath were to beat Offaly in a playoff then nobody could have any gripes.

I guarantee you Loughnane would be singing a very different tune if it was Clare that got automatically relegated out of the Liam McCarthy.