2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


Hard to know what game to watch.

Love this about Parnell park, may it never change


2.12 to 0.6. Working well now.


That penalty is a joke of a decision from another poor referee


Keaney & Rushe v good second half.


Two years ago we beat Wexford by 9 points in Croke Park even under the disaster management. Four years ago we beat likely the best Kk team twice. My comment is opinion based on our quality of hurling. Sorry it differs from yours! It hasn’t improved. We are out of championship and looking at this today Offaly deserve to go down as they are useless.


Keaney has done very very well. When he is gone it will take a fair player to fill his boots.


Never fear…we have Trollier. :wink:


Four years ago?

What about last year?

Indeed your opinion does differ from mine.


Is that the Kilkenny team that bet us by double scores in the lenister final and went on to beat Tipp in the All Ireland final four years ago ? That Kilkenny team ? And that Wexford team was going nowhere back then. Don’t know what the problem is giving a bit of praise where its due. Colossal improvement from last year all round. From team play to man management. Should have beaten Kilkenny,could have beaten Wexford and bet offaly well in a relegation match of huge importance. Young team that will only get better. Free cut at the best team in the country next week and a great opportunity to use what we’ve learned in the last month. Hopefully the fans will travel.


Where does this leave Dublin now ?


In the Leinster Championship 2019.


As I said Offaly are woeful but we were good and used the ball well.

The two boys at wing back were excellent and hurled a lot of ball. Mc Gibb was brilliant especially when he was moved to the middle of the park.
We’ve definitely improved as a group but it’s a results business and they haven’t been great and will still have to beat a Kilkenny, Wexford or a Galway next year otherwise we will be out again early June.


Year 1 of 3. Dublin are in a good spot moving forward. Have to get a win next weekend to show that they are well in with other liam mccarthy counties.


They’ve already shown they’re well in there. It’s not a must win game. Galway may not put much into it anyway.

It’s been a solid year.


Forgive my ignorance on this, where do Dublin go from now this year ?


Nowhere. Can’t qualify. Can’t be relegated. Galway last game of the year.


Cheers boss, terrible pity the KK game and the Wexford one, but especially the KK one as I reckon that one really got away. Keaney going off was a killer.


I suspect Galway are well ahead of everyone at the moment, so a win might be asking a lot. But it’s possible as the game itself will be a strange one given it doesn’t count for much.


There was some serious hurling from Dublin today…


Yes I agree. It was however against Offaly who were desperate. It’s only my opinion that the hurling hadn’t improved over the year, whereas the effort, attitude and fight has. I won’t offer it again for fear of being wrong.