2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


Barrett a great start. 8 wides so far🙈5-3 up. Playing with wind.


The forward play & shooting is shocking so far. Wrong option nearly every time. Poor game. We have strong wind behind us. Only saving grace so far is the Offaly shooting v poor also.


10 wides in first 25 minutes with the breeze . Settle down lads.


This is a friggin joke. 11 wides. FFS!


The way our forwards are playing I’d take Trollier minding his baby in the full forward line


You swear trollier is some sort of all star forward…


Goal Paul Ryan!


Bleedin blessed to be 8 points up.


Ryan with a goal. 1-10 to 0-5. Took a long time. Half our points from Barrett and Crummy.

Should be safe now thankfully.


According to radio huge call against Offaly for a peno ?


Was a clear dive from where I am. Offaly number 10 is getting handy frees for diving so the ref is buying it. Never a penalty imho.


We have the best half back line I’ve seen for Dublin ever


You reckon Alan? That wind will have puck outs landing in our square.

The way we’re playing this ain’t over by a long shot.


Thought it was a peno myself thought nolansleg brought him down, kicker for Offaly we went up the field and got a point straight away from clearance.

Dublin far fitter team, glad we got the goal as very poor sides were keeping Offaly in it.


It’s well over. We’re way better. Now at least the scoreboard shows it. We should win once we keep playing with some intensity.


We are far better but there is very little if any improvement in our actual hurling over this year. Attitude and application yes but NO improvement in hurling.


It looked like a penalty to me especially the way Nolan came out with his feet.

We are way better side and should be out of sight but the wind could cause us trouble on puckouts.


I’m calling bollocks on that. We were leading KK and Wex heading into injury time. Backs are playing as well as I have ever seen a Dublin back line. Forwards need improving. But to say there’s been no improvement is very unfair.


Dooley will probably get a run now so discipline is key this half. That’s a tough enough breeze to score into so its up to the defense to drive this second half on. No handy frees, use the ball well, heads up hurling and no shooting from stupid positions, work the ball better and be 100% decisive on the ball. Vital we push on after that quickfire 1.02.


These young lads playing at ht are really good - both teams