2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


Aye - can’t see him not starting … even if he lost a leg during the week!


He is the freetaker…they have a reliable replacement, if Dooley doesn’t start?


With the table in mind am I right in saying

  1. a draw with Offaly and losing by less than they did to Galway sees us staying in Leinster championship.

  2. loss to Offaly we then have to beat Galway and have better scoring difference. Does head to head come in to it ?

  3. dreamer scenario we beat Offaly and Galway then decide to rest all there big players and we get the win there as well. If Kk loose to wex and have neg score diff the we could sneak into prelim Qf

Our close games means we have good scoring diff to turn around.


Think places decided by head to head, if two teams even on points. Loss today will mean finish bottom


Well lads, is it on the radio for us all lads away from home??


Win today is all that’s important. The rest is pie in the sky. We won’t beat Galway. And Wexford won’t beat KK.


Doesn’t matter what we do against Galway, it is impossible for us to finish 3rd. Wexford and Kilkenny will have at least 4 points (1 will have 6 and 1 will have 4 or both will have 5) and will go through on the head to head. Makes the Galway match absolutely meaningless (for both teams).


Dooley and Joe Bergin each played a half in our league meeting and hit the placed balls when they were on the pitch. Don’t think either missed one, so they’ll have no issues on that front. Wouldn’t be as confident saying that about us.

The phrase ‘must win game’ is overused but it goes without saying this definitely is one. The impact losing this would have on Dublin hurling is incalculable. IIRC the last time we faced a ‘win or go down’ scenario was the Relegation playoff against Westmeath in 2006, when we won comfortably despite finishing with 13 men (I remember Johnny McCaffrey getting the line). That result avenged an embarrassing defeat to the same opponents (the infamous water polo game in Portlaoise) earlier in the year, so I’d settle for a repeat today.


It’s beat Offaly day.Nothing else matters.Nothing


Lads can you pay at the gate today ?


The van selling tickets is usually there outside


It’s broadcast live on midlands 103.5fm, which you can get on the tunein app.


Ticket only but van in lane. Parnell passes not valid …






No Burke, no Dillon - seems a very definite policy on recovery from injury and completing rehab protocols etc


It’s more of a " you haven’t done enough to be included since I took the job, injured or otherwise" policy. I can’t speak for them all but Dillon is injury free 2/3 weeks now but as I said, Pats going with players who he’s seen enough of to warrant a place.


V mixed start here. Some dreadful wides


The lottery shots killing us as usual.


The wides are shocking. Should be six or seven up.