2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


This isn’t the same Dublin team though.

I’m calling it as I see it and how I’ve seen them play so far. Offaly mentally won’t be up to it tomorrow after last week and all the talk of pride and Shite of being relegated will only get you so far.
We are miles off it ourselves but we will beat them well tomorrow


Heard Hughes had red card rescinded and is named on panel for 2moro. Only missing Óisín Hughes who started wing forward.


If he hasn’t been training with the panel all year then how is he owed anything? Ahead of lads who have been?

Hopefully he’ll get an injury free run next year but the idea he should just be parachuted into the subs for the biggest game of the year with no serious training behind him is nonsense.


But then how come Boland can get picked
For me Boland Trollier and AJ Murphy are the best three forwards we have for the future and should get treated as such
I would have AJ and Trollier on the bench today


Your not owed anything whether you train or not. Regardless of time put in. Mgt pick who they like and results are how they will be judged. It’s not a juvenile team. Mgt pick those who they feel can best serve them now.


Correct and lads on here make observations on where we believe the management are right and wrong and going into a must win championship game in a season we haven’t won a game in championship (even if it is against a poor Offaly side) I would have one of our top forwards on the bench especially after he played a full game for his club


Once he got all clear from physio he did train with panel. Played 2 full games with club



Offaly make 5 changes and Dooley being one of them.


When did he train? How much? Club games are irrelevant. This is the biggest game of the year. If he’s only been active for a few weeks then he’s very unlikely to be up to the speed of championship hurling. This is not a game for sentiment. It may well be the most important game we have played in years.

I’d be only too delighted for him to come back strong net year. But tomorrow is not a game to be finding out where a fella is at after months away from the team.


Because I assume Boland is further along the road to match fitness then either Murphy or Dillon.


A couple of club games in county division 2 versus an inter county championship game.

As I said, not the time to be seeing where a fella is at after months of injury.


I find it hard to support Davy Fitz with all that whining and downright childish carry on - but a Wexford win would be great this evening. Some hope is better then no hope!


Galway well on the way to victory at the moment


Correct Alan. Management are the best judges of a player’s current form, they see the player in training every evening. Just because a player was in top form early this year or last year doesn’t mean he is up to speed now.


Yes management see the lads every day and yes they are in the best position to pick the team all we are saying is Trollier is one off if not the best forward we have
Maybe with the arrival of a baby he hasn’t been training as much as he others but i doubt Keaney has been training as much as others because of injury
But to make clear management has the best view to pick a team but I would have Trollier in my team


Canning seems to be giving another master class down in wexford


Keaney has been there all year! He missed one game. Dillon has been out for months. That’s a crazy argument. Throwing a guy into the biggest game of the year after a lay off of months is asking for trouble.

And it has to be said that Dillon has a lot to do in championship hurling before being anointed as one of our best forwards. Hopefully next year will be his year.


Correct about starting him and is why I said I’d have him on the bench
I was being polite (not my normal way) when I said one of our best forwards over the last few years for me he was and is our best forward
Form is temporary class is permanent which is why Keaney has been going so well and while I don’t think we will need him v Offaly I’d rather have the option to bring him on just in case


Spot on. As I said previously you’d have to include him. It’s not like we’ve an amount of other options up front. To draw comparisons with the big ball. If Connolly declared himself available he’d be training and included without question, politics aside. And the footballers have countless options in comparison.

Only thing I can think of is Gilroy etc know our season is dust, and they’re sticking with the lads from all year as Alan says. Or maybe Trolliers injury was worse than we know.


Offaly saying Dooley dropped to bench. Strange one that. The guy has scored
4-53 so far this season. Won’t be surprised if he actually starts tomorrow!