2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


Offaly are sh1te and don’t have the panel for so many games over a short spell.

I think we will get a 3 or more goals and will win by 10+ If we play direct hurling and take them on upfront.


Colm Lyons is the ref


I could well be the case Parish! Especially when they are down 2 lads following straight reds the last day. Only fear I would have is it’s a winner take all game. They could raise their game in this once off situation. Having said that I think we will win by 5 points!


Anything under 7 or 8 would be disappointing.


Happy with team selection.The backs have been our strongest dept so far this year and hopefully should keep offaly forwards fairly quiet.Great to have keaney back in the side.Think mcgibb as a wing forward is a more natural position for him,sweeping up breaking ball and using his pace, along with danny on othe other wing.And rushe will just wreck their heads and torment them all day.So think theres enough there to get us a good win and restore our belief in dublin hurling after the debacle of last few years.Roll on sunday and give it timber lads


One point win does it for me.


I think that’s a good looking team. Definitely gives us options of varying the attack.
I think it’s interesting if pat goes with this selection. It would almost certainly mean we are playing orthodox and going after offaly. After playing with the withdrawn man all season how will we go with the tactical change? Hopefully well. If it does go well will pat revert to the withdrawn man again against Galway, or will he go man on man? I suppose it would depend on how the table sits.
Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself here. Looking forward to seeing the game and how exactly we line out.


Maybe so but it’s their hurling ability that’s most important here …




Throw Burke , Dillon and cian boland into that starting 15 and you mean business


Three good looking lads.


Dillon cannot even get a look in despite how good and threatening he was last year . I don’t think gilroy knows his name !


Cian Boland has shown nothing in years ravaged by injuries but is thrown in like a Messiah once he is half fit and gets put ahead of fit people who are training week in and out and showing in matches . He has not deserved the special treatment and has done nothing on the pitch to prove otherwise . Trollier was great last year and cannot even get a look in. Mcmorrow has walked as has Alan Moore who was showing well this year .


This is the same Offaly that kicked our arse earlier this year. Thank goodness they are short 2 starting players


Very unfair on Cian boland . Any one with a pair of eyes can tell that this guy is class. There is plenty of lads around who can train until the cows come home and they won’t be next or near cians level. Not his fault he has had injury problems. He’s obviously doing his level best to get to this stage. The Dublin county board should be moving heaven and earth to get this lad fully fit. If he was a footballer I’m sure it would happen.


Boland was one of our best ever under age players, as @winyourownball says, heaven and earth should be moved to get him on the field. I doubt very much he is only ‘half fit’. Dillon was out with injury, and we assume will come in when he is fit. Moore is a very good club hurler but very few of his county games have worked out for him unfortunately. It is very hard to see where McMorrow would have fitted into this team, a very good hurler, but lacking strength.


I think next year we are looking at potentially adding the above, plus Curry, AJ Murphy and Conroy. Although I not sure where they would all fit.


I think next year might be about strengthening the bench. Ultimately we need a strong 26. That way if a guy dips in form on any given day there will be an equally good lad available on the bench!


Trollier has worked his socks off to get match fit. First time after knee surgery and second after a freak injury sustained in a training session. He’s done everything within his power to get back into that blue jersey and if Gilroy can’t give him 10 minutes off the bench on Sunday against Offaly- well I think that says more about Gilroy than it does about Trollier


Doesnt matter how hard someone has worked to get fit, If the manager thinks he’s not ready it’s his call.