2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


Out of interest, how did trollier do against plunketts?


I said the same about Ronan Hayes and the Wexford game. But on he came after not featuring against KK at all.


Cian Boland played league with plunketts in the week leading up to Wexford game in which he came on in


I see Burke went on also for Na Fianna, so he is back fit it seems


Beat me to it Wifi - great news for the u21s - good to see a lot of lads involved with the seniors playing league, even if they’re the ones on way back from injury.


Great to see lads playing club and not beong wrapped up. Huge step forward.


Agree yea, it’s good all round.



The seniors not qualifying out of the group might not be the worst thing. It leaves the way free for the 21s.


Ever the optimist Wifi!


Where’s Bart when you need @wifi reined in??? :wink:
Beat Offaly at the weekend coupled with decent runs for our underrage teams in this year’s championships and I think we can say that this year will have been a decent step forward from where we were 9-10 months ago.


To be fair to Pat, he’s rewarding the players who have all performed so far, Boll O’Carroll slightly unlucky.


I’d say O Carroll is out because of a change of system and not much else. We are either going man for man here or assuming they will have a sweeper. Gilroy has picked one defender less really.

No Burke, Dillon or Boland - all of whom I would expect to be starting next year.


Only 5 survivors from the disastrous league game earlier this year and only 1 (Whitely) from 8 - 15.


Looks like a more attacking setup alright - still wonder will that team get 20+ scores. Hopefully.


Not a bad team really! Think midfield is a more natural position for Jake Malone. Might see Burke on the bench. Did someone say he played some part in club game last week? Might have went with Winters ahead of Whitley but maybe I’m being unfair on Fergal.


13 different clubs represented by the starting 15 announced.


Yeah Winters seems to be getting a rough deal, he did well any time I saw him. Mind you Whitely hasn’t done much wrong either.

It’s interesting Treacy hasn’t worked his way in. He is a great hurler, but just not athletic enough for me for this level.

This team is sort of a natural culmination of the year to date. But I can see a lot of changes in the forwards for next year.


Burke played in a win over Boden the other night. dillon and Cian O’Sullivan played also


Who’s the referee for Sunday? Might have a bearing on things!