2018 LSHC Round 3 - Dublin v Offaly, Parnell Park, Sunday June 3rd 3pm


that’s a fair point - i think a play off would be the best option. the only issue is Westmeath will be preparing for their Quarterfinal game in the liam mccarthy - kinda hard to slot in a promotion/relegation match as well, but it is a preferable solution.


I suspect the results of those preliminary Quarter Finals will bring everyone to their senses about what an utter waste of time they are. The only way they’ll be anything other than bloodbaths is if the Liam McCarthy teams don’t bother breaking sweat in them.


Agreed yea - it’s kind of the opposite of what the new championship structure has proven so far (put roughly equally matched teams up against each other in a competition they are giving 100% in and you get entertainment). Typical GAA competition fudge really.


He was bang on in what he said yep.


They will be played in front of a small amount of people and won’t have a lot of attention. Like a back door game of old, like when Galway got Westmeath or something. If there is a real pasting it will be a one day wonder and then blow over.


Yeah the theory of Joe McDonagh winner getting prelim Qf is better in thought than reality, for certain counties winning the cup would be enough the Qf will be a bridge to far.


Getting access to the provincial stage the following year should be reward enough.


But the reality being that every second year a middle tier team (lets be honest there’s a top tier and middle tier in Leinster) goes into the joe mcdonagh and would win it with their second team - this way it keeps the better players in those counties interested for the early fixtures knowing they have a QF to play in and the other teams will get to play against a higher standard