2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


Dermo played against Jude’s tonight… I wonder will he be in Wexford on Sunday instead of Keaney? Both are very similar in style. Big strong athletes and both a little Wristy…or should that be Wristey?


Not a chance


Needless to say the officials this week are a hell of a lot better than last in the Nell!


Zero chance of that happening. Zero


I see keaney is out anyway according to rte radio sport this morning. Was reported by herald. Maybe back for offaly game.


Said shoulder ligaments.


Ah ****


From what I heard you wont see him till next year if he decides to come back


B******s, that changes the whole outlook for Sunday. He is absolutely key to what we do. Even when we were playing shite in the league, he was the one carrying the game.

I see Treacy is back though and I suspect will start, but that isn’t a Keaney replacement.

I looked at the Keaney incident again, it was totally innocuous, a bit like Cian O Sullivan’s one in the football. There didn’t seem to be anything in it at all - but I guess that’s the way these things work.



At least team have a chance to prepare for Conal’s absence. It could have been worse if he got injured in the warm up on Sunday! He will still be missed of course.


No Burke or Dillon back either. Arse.


That’s a disaster about Keaney. He was really outstanding on Sunday and I was a bit surprised to be honest to see him have such a big influence on the match especially when he was up against one of the best around in Cillian Buckley, huge blow.
David Treacy being back in contention is a positive and I think he should come in for Keaney as an indirect replacement with Whitely moving to centre forward. Would also start McGibb ahead of McBride for Sunday.
Very disappointed about Keaney, I don’t expect to see him playing again in the championship. He looked strong and trim on Sunday and seemed like he was going to go the full seventy, his injury had a huge bearing on the result I feel. Remarkable considering his Injury problems and his absence from the last two seasons. It was crazy how seamlessly he forte back in. Feck it


Ronan Hayes must not be on the panel anymore. He played for Crokes last night…


Fk, Huge loss. We would have All Ireland if he had not been injured in 2012.


Not necessarily true, although he may not be in contention for a place this weekend I know another definite panel member - who has missed a lot of games, who played last night. so Gilroy seems to be willing to use the league to rehab and possibly give panel members game time - which is logical/sensible.


That’s stretching it a little…


Not much really, Hammered by injuries that year, Brady also out after the Galway game in Tullamore? Only for Lar’s goal in first minute we had Tipp, There was then the stripey lads, I’ll give you that one!


You mean 2011 @Tumbles, 2013 was our chance TBH


You can’t knock the attitude and commitment shown last week but would be concerned how much a factor the tight surrounds of PP played in the match?
Keaney was a major factor in the game (and his subsequent injury) but at his age, would he be the same force in CP?
Footballers love to get teams into wide expanses of croker to expose them, I’d be concerned that hurling may be opposite (as Tipp league match showed) against a top 6.


I think the first thing is to get over Wexford and maybe qualify from the group, if we don’t we wont need to worry about CP.

It is probably next year before the full fitness will be put into the panel, so Croker probably would be a problem this year. But it would be a nice problem to have.