2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


What happened Paul Ryan with that last free he missed though? I have been watching him for years and have never seen anything like it. He is in the top 5 free takers in the country.

I think it must have been tiredness, having been part of a two man FF line. But he had a great game apart from that. I have always said you can never drop a guy who gets goals and can score from the sideline.


Impressive and unheard of, to not even miss one !!!
Eoin Murphy is unbelievable, outfielder for his club apparently too


Two completely mishit frees. Very unlike him.

All counts for nothing unless we can compete and beat Wexford this weekend, season depends on it.


We’re in danger of getting carried away on the back of 1 performance. Finishing 3rd is definitely a realistic target, especially after Sunday. However if we get another similar performance against Wexford and not come away with the win, it is not a complete disaster.
The general consensus on here was the goal for Dublin was to improve and become competitive once more in year 1 of Gilroy’s term, and hopefully push on in Year 2 to attain higher goals. I would not be disappointed if we can get another 3 performances like last Sunday - and finish 4th.
The optimism that has been generated is been turned into an expectation that we should now go to Wexford and win, otherwise its a complete failure. Lets give the Management and players the time the need to mould this team, and because the players are relatively young and inexperienced at this level, they will make mistakes.


If the performances for the rest of the group stage are like Sunday then i would consider the year a success and very encouraging for next year - assuming we manage to avoid relegation. Ultimately our season ends at the group stage if we lose in wexford, if we could beat them then we’re in bonus territory way beyond the expectations of a few short days ago. We all hoped the poor league form was due to heavy training and lots of experimentation but didnt think the improvement would be that rapid. If we can improve again the next day then we should not be far off Wexford.


Ah, I don’t think it really matters if we get carried away or not, a bit of excitement and positivity is probably welcome after the last few years. Definitely though management should be given the time to mould the team. In all likelihood there will be a few bad days along the way and we shouldn’t expect last Sunday to be replicated every time. As we have seen all year, if we drop the intensity level, we get average very quickly.


I’ll be raging if we don’t win by at least 7-8 on Sunday.


Big positive for me from Sunday is that players have now set a benchmark for themselves from a performance point of view. Knowing what they can do against a Top team, should and will drive them on for the remainder of the campaign, and the hunger to perform like that again and get a result this time, will bring confidence up to a High we haven’t seen in the last 3 years.
Wexford IMO have stronger backs than KK,but, will they be worried about how our forwards performed,and the intensity that was brought off the bench, most definitely.






It will be interesting to see how Wexford approach puck outs. Surely the big take away for any opposition manager from last Sunday is that you don’t put puckouts down on top of our half back line.


If Jack O Connor and Chin go 10 and 12, we will win this match.


No more tickets available on GAA online


Wow! Glad i got mine sorted yesterday.


That mean their gone out of super valu as well??

Just seen their still on sale in shops


O Donnell can take one of there best anyway and shut them down, regardless of where they play. He marked Connor Mc Donald out of it at u21 two years ago at a time when McDonald was winning u21 games on his own for them. Wexford don’t have as many really good forwards as Kilkenny do. They have very good guys, but not superstars.


They will work as hard as we do though


No doubt about that.


Yes, they will - but I think if you were to list the 10 best hurlers on the field at least six of them will be from Dublin.

What worries me more then anything is the refereeing. These home crowds that occupy nearly all of the stand, as Wexford will, put huge pressure on refs over every call. It is expecting too much for refs not to cave under the pressure a few times in a game. Especially if they start to feel aggrieved about something, the pressure builds on the ref to throw them a bone and get them off his back.


off the point but i assume others so chris crummy getting his MOTM award on TSG- i thought i was gonna cry myself, jaysus!!!