2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


The tooth fairy told lots of small boys and girls that hurling superstar attacker Paul Ryan would set up the win against Wexico with an impossible goal, going backwards, over his shoulder, at an acute angle, with 3 monster backs and the goaly all over him…

By the way, any top county(or Wexford, and not Dublin)'s player gets that score and they would’ve been Sainted and conferred with Wrishty Cú Chulainn status immediately by the media’s hurling royalty.




If Galway only lose one of the games against Wex and Kilkenny and we beat them. The most likely scenario then is that us and Galway are level and we go through on head to head. Or that there would be 3 teams on the same points, then the score difference matters if that is the case and we might be in a good place because of the narrowness of our defeats. I think if we beat Galway we probably will qualify.


If we do manage to beat Galway in Salthill and then NOT qualify it would be head wrecking for our players! Imagine beating all Ireland champions in their own back yard and getting eliminated! :scream:


Well if we get eliminated despite beating Galway it would mean Offaly had beaten us too so that would be more head wrecking no - and the players could have no complaints??


We’re going to beat the Shite out of Offaly so problem solved! :grinning:


is it head to head or scoring difference if teams finish level? we are ahead of offal y on scores


It’s head to head if there are two teams involved. But it goes to score difference of there are more then two teams on the same points.


Why bother talking about Galway? We must play and beat Offaly…then we can talk about Galway.


Exactly, we thought we would beat Offaly in Croker on the opening night of the league and look what happened there


The manner of that defeat to Offaly in the league may well work out to our advantage next week!


It will definitely be a motivator anyway


Hopefully we can have Michael Deignan in tears again … for the right reasons this time …