2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm




Yes and there’s talk in the media now that whoever finishes bottom of the group won’t matter because they will likely expand it to 6 teams next year. This is because Offaly have done better than expected so they wouldn’t want them excluded.


Can anyone please explain why the Sunday Game failed to show Gilroy being hit by a Wexford player? And why the referee took no action at the time despite the linesman watching the hit from 3 foot away? I am quite sure if a Dublin player had hit Davy we would be watching replays for weeks while the player was being given a fair trial before being suspended. Memories of Carlow 2017?


Not sure what complaining about it on a Dublin GAA website is going to achieve.


Do you think the pun police will charge us?


Positive they will


Same guy lashed into Rushe on the endline. His day will come.


Don’t think they would be ca-pa-ble


Such a pity we didn’t sneak the win on Sunday but at least we were again competitive and in a strange way defeat gives the team no false illusions which going into Offaly is not a bad thing.

Did not see game but seems we gave away a huge amount of frees … how much of this is down to tsunami of Attacks coming at defence versus just plain bad tackling ?

Reading reports it would seem that Wexford were v wasteful n in reality could have been 6 points or so winners ?

Was not able to see game so just curious for perspectives


IIRC under Gilroy in 2010, the footballers conceded a lot of frees due to not getting the balance right between aggression & crossing the line discipline wise. It’s a fine line and in due course, we will hopefully get the better of it especially given Shane Dooley’s unerring accuracy from placed balls.


In our 2 games we have conceded 28 points to frees / placed balls! That’s a hell of a total.

We conceded a lot of frees through the league also so it’s not a new problem. Needs to get fixed.


25 points to frees. Which is a huge amount when you consider we have only scored 30 points ourselves in the two games. Whatever the reason we need to cut that by 50% or so.


I was watching the Dubs against Tipp in a friendly and I couldn’t help notice that Mickey Whelan and Pat Gilroy were encourging a high level of aggression and advising the players to retaliate.


But the overall total against isn’t huge, and the goals against is very good. Also four or five of the Kilkenny frees don’t get scored by the majority of other teams. So I don’t see the frees as a major issue. There were very few in the Kilkenny game conceded that fell into the 'oh my god why did he do that’ category.To me, the majority were slightly over the edge tackles, or depending on your point of view, not frees at all.

Having said the above, if we concede short puck outs all the time and the opposition get to play it up through the lines, it puts backs under huge pressure every time. If there is no pressure on the guy playing the ball in he can give it to the forwards advantage every time. Then the back is under pressure to create a turnover rather then just win a


The same could be said about us against Kilkenny. We had the majority of play and it could be argued we could have won by six or seven. But the scoreboard doesn’t lie, you win (or lose) by the amount you deserve to.


A win for Wexford next Saturday would mean even a draw between Dublin and Offaly would leave us with a comfortable situation heading into final round v Galway. Offaly would have at least a minus 20 score difference to us. Keeping Galway with in 15 pts should be well with in our capacity! Looking at all this from prospective of surviving in Liam McCarthy for next season! Two wins for us of course would change things dramatically!


Galway lose to Wexford, Kilkenny and Dublin, Dublin also beating Offaly = qualification…not impossible! Offaly preparations/get Keaney et al on the pitch the priority for now…


Tooth fairy to leave €20 under your pillow tonight even though you haven’t even lost a tooth …


No point second quessing who may win with other matches.We just need full focus on the offaly game and winning that, anything else will be a bonus


Agree fully Ferdia, but no harm dreaming/checking for tooth fairy…