2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


i had not really understood that if you finish 4th your year is done and dusted. third gets a “preliminary quarter final” - the GAA sure know how to name things.


I think a lot of the frees we concede are down to panic! That probably will improve with experience! Not much good in the short period though!


if its offaly going down you can bet your house on it being changed, same as when they were relgated in the league years ago.


How in the name of christ did Munster swing things to the extent that only Kerry topping the Joe McDonagh cup could have implications for their 2019 championship. And even if Kerry were to go & do that, the bottom team in the Munster group would have the opportunity to fight them off in a promotion/relegation play-off.

A team other than Kerry winning the Joe McDonagh cup (which seems likely) means the trap door opens automatically for the bottom team in the Leinster group. You have to wonder how Leinster counties agreed to even sign up to the potential of that happening.


Ni idea how that was agreed - mind you i think most of the top counties were against this format entirely.


Doubt the Munster counties were against it. No relegation risk, only the upside of extra games & extra money. Would think KK, Gal and Wex were all for that aswell on basis that they weren’t likely to be getting relegated.


Munster the home of Hurling…


Funny you should say that, one of the Kk contributors to Off The Ball had only this to say about Dublin ahead of the game in Parnell last week: “I’d love to see what the GAA will do if Dublin finish bottom”. The campaign continues, now spilled over in to hurling…


I think if there weren’t fouls there would be more scores from play. Our backs are doing a decent enough job, the scores against aren’t too bad and the goals against are very very good. But if the ball isn’t spending enough time in the forwards, everything gets under pressure.

I am convinced if we had Keaney and Dillon we would be sitting on top of the group now. So it is small margin stuff. But we need forwards badly, or more correctly, we need the forwards we have fit. U21 on Saturday now, it will be very interesting to see how some of the younger lads do there.


It’s definitely a safety 1st approach from Gilroy, as the team evolves, you will see more scores from play coming from deeper - particularly Crummey and Moran, who should be capable of chipping in with a couple of points each per game. I’m pretty sure the instruction is to hold their position at the moment and not provide overlaps. Having been to all of the Walsh Cup & League games this year, I’m hugely positive with both the performances and also the potential of this group of players.


Hopefully Vincents win the senior hurling championship and Pat can have his full deck of Cuala lads for Walsh cup and league in 2019


that contributor may get his answer, and it will be “nothing” as we arent one of the holy god traditional counties.

as was said above by Hill16blues, the munster counties got it fixed so that they would need to face the might of kerry in a once in a lifetime, joined by the “traditionals” of leinster. Since the hurling thing was only a very fast last second panic in reply to the big football season they were facing, you can bet assurances and deals were given and taken.

I did a calandar last year of how this summer was going to look with super eights and early football championship before the GAA brought in the round robin. The hurling looked a very poor minor competition in comparison.

Now look at the situation - the round robins are getting the vast share of media and TV time for May and June to the extent that football is not being covered all that much till provincial championship finals and then super eights.


That’s only cos this all came about after they locked into TV deals. They’ll increase the number of games next time and probably get TV3 into the mix too.


you would hope. as i just said on another topic - there is plenty of availablity on saoirview for RTE or someone else to show several games at once and even have a redznoe/soccer saturday thing.


RTE coverage is so bad and jaded that I haven’t even tuned into the Sunday Game this season. League Sunday has turned me off. Spillane and others are just not relevant any more.


I agree. I have also been to every game (bar Sunday) and the evolving nature of the team is very evident. The task is apparently to make us a top four team in 3 years. I can’t see that not happening.


Double negative. always hurts my head.


Well said. Id be of the same view point.


Are you positive on that?