2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


No it would be terrible, winning games against Kerry, Carlow, Westmeath etc wouldnt be beneficial to us although these 2 defeats are heartbreaking due to the manner of them we will learn a lot more from them


4 wins in a row, is a lot better then two losses. Really doesn’t matter how you get there, once you get there.


Wouldn’t learn anything along the way though. We’re conceding way too many frees (22+ points conceded in both games), not scoring enough points ourselves (16 + 14 in the two games). Positive Goals for are giving us a chance, which used to be a real weakness.


How do you honestly think say Meath Hurlers for example if they won McDonagh Cup would fair v Tipp or Kilkenny in a qualifier? Because of the different level of intensity that exists in that competition I would suggest a 30 point hammering! And I mean no disrespect to Meath or any other county in that division. It will do no good to Offaly or Dublin hurling if either of them end up dropping down there.


Dropping to the second tier competition is exactly what this Dublin team do not need right now.

It might suit Offaly better but they will be fighting hammer and tongs to avoid it too.


Honestly think it will be changed and there will be 6 teams in leinster next year - so no bye week.


Yep that’s likely I think although some would argue the bye week is good.


There probably should be a bye week for sure - 5 weeks in a row is a bit crazy.

If Galway have qualified by the time we go down there, we might have a chance?

Gilroy has us difficult to beat, which is a big improvement on last summer, still, think as an attacking force we have a way to go through and the concession of frees really needs work.

Kilkenny = 13 points from frees conceded. 7 points from frees scores (another two poor frees lead to scores).

Wexford = 12 points from frees conceded. 6 points from frees scored.

There’s the winning margins and more right there - can’t keep handing points to teams like this.


Indeed. Another thing to note from yesterday was that three times we were blocked in taking on a point from very scorable range. We have to be quicker or cuter here. Some lads seem very casual in this or don’t yet get the fact that you don’t get much time at IC level.


Outside Rushe, Keaney and Nolan it’s a very young team, think they’ll have learned a lot more from these two games then from the hammerings last summer - we can take a lot of confidence from the scorelines and performances. In fact, you could argue that with a fit Keaney and an in-form Dillon, a not hamstrung Burke, A not travelling to Africa Cronin etc but then every team has injuries.

took an age to score from play yesterday, not sure about a two man FF line of Ryan and Rushe, think with a speedster in the other corner it’d be a lot more effective but then i think the pattern of development is familiar from Gilroy’s time with the footballers - hard to beat, build confidence, then get more expansive.


This is where depth of our squad is vital. We can’t survive on what if’s! I know that’s not exactly what you meant. But we need to be able to handle set backs like injuries and defections!


True but even tipp are struggling without a handful of their bigger names. If Kilkenny lose TJ Reid they’re buggered.


Kilkenny beat Galway this week is the result we want …

If we beat Offaly it means all to play for in Galway in the last week …

Galway win at the weekend…Its avoiding the drop is the main aim


The way I see it - Galway and Kilkenny to beat Wexford & Offaly. Galway to beat Kilkenny and qualify for the Final, Kilkenny through as Runner’s up. We want Offaly to beat Wexford, then we beat Offaly. This would leave Wexford, Offally and ourselves on 2 pts. We finish 3rd if we win or draw against Galway. if not then it goes to score difference.


I can see Galway losing to one of Wexford or Kilkenny and need then needing to beat us to make league final. Wexford will beat Offaly


I don’t agree. We want to meet Galway when they have nothing to play for ie. they are qualified out of the group. A couple of other results go our way and there could be a 3 way tie decided on score difference.

All we can do now is give Offaly a right trimming and hopefully Wexford get the same from KK.


That is an inaccurate depiction of events. Our backs are good enough. Our forwards are not. Our forwards do not win enough ball and do not keep the ball in there. Therefore the backs end up under constant pressure and have to foul to prevent overlaps/goals. The problem is the forwards.


? I didn’t depict events, just posted the number of frees, for and against. We are handing games away with the number of frees we are conceding.


Agreed. We need more scores to deflate the opposition. There is a physiological aspect to regularly conceding scores that is very important. Us being turned over up front, dropping shots short, or hitting a lot of wides is a huge boost to the opposition and has the reverse negative effect on our backs. Backs need to see their good work turned into scores at the other end.


Ball not sticking on the forwards is not a new issue for dublin, playing 5 forwards is not going to help that. Scoring 14 points is not going to win many games, not when you’re handing 12 point to the opposition through frees.