2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


Another sickener of a loss today. But my god the backs Dublin have are unreal. Also Wexford crowd by me were pure scum, no other word for them.


Even if we win last 2 games, lkely that head 2 head will be our undoing.


Unless by some freak there’s a 3 way tie. Someone pointed out that by the time we meet Galway they might already be out if the group so we could catch them napping.


Galway might have qualified by the time we meet them?


It’s bloody heartbreaking to be winning as normal time ticked over in both games and end up with diddly squat! the big positive though is that (while I didn’t see today’s game yet) we have definitely turned a corner from where we were last year. Fair play again Pat!


Yeah. If they win all their matches they should be through to the final.


Probably - but live in hope. If three teams finish on four points it goes back to score difference.




Not a million miles off URoy. They didn’t, surprise, surprise, lump too many puckouts down on our half-back back line! Most were short to Reck and our two-man FF line couldn’t/didn’t have pace to shut this down. They worked it well through the lines and cut us open too many times but they were woefully profligate. Diarmuid O’Keeffe missed enough on his own to have comfortably won the game but they tried to consistently counter our sweeper by playing through the lines. MacGibb was switched in to FF line towards end of first half and tried his best to counter the short puckout.

At the other end Shaun Murphy gave an exemplary display in sweeping and covering his half-backs and constantly offering on out ball to his FB line. in the face of such a set-up we hit too many long balls into a 2-man FF line which was effectively, considering Ryan’s ball winning capacity, a one-man line at times.

Surprised at lack of flexibility in our game plan - O’Donnell followed Chin and played wing back with Barrett going midfield until he was taken off. Persisted with sweeper in light of short puck outs and ceded plenty of space to their running game - they played/countered as expected. They really could have won pulling up if they took all their chances:(

We give away too many frees- and have done all year:(:frowning:

Decision making not great either. Sutcliffe at end mar shampla.

Traffic there and back was shite - Wexford Gardai traffic management - nonexistent - was worse so I’m in catch-up mode at home. Smyth, O’Callaghan immense. Need to see Nolan’s save on TV - looked astounding in real time. On a general note of positivity we worked our collective holes off - as I would expect of a Gilroy team. Intrinsically, however, this is insufficient and needs complementing.


I had a grand bunch of wexford folk around me.


Great post. That’s it, in a nut shell. I don’t remotely believe that we threw this away. We were steeped in luck to be within touching distance at the end, having lost the tactical battle and finding it very difficult to score points from play. The same starting six forwards simply cannot start the next day.


Couldn’t really disagree with any of that.
After the way we we played last week I was surprised, and disappointed, not to see more variation in attack today. Wexford showed how easy it is to counteract what we did against Kilkenny. Now it is and will be an effective tactic but I expected something more attacking wise today. We need more variation going forward. It galls me to say it but davy won the tactical battle today. Shooting needs work big time.
Great work rate again. Backs are as good as what’s out there. Although bill had a tough one today. O Callaghan was top notch. The wexford crowd were raving about him. Smyth great too.
Once again gutted we lost with victory in sight. We may not have deserved to win but we should not have lost it.


I’m with @iomaint here. Anyone who thinks we might still make the final or beat Galway is deluded. The spirit is better, the workrate is excellent but after that … At least it is all fixable. Our error count is far too high. Shot options, pass options. unable to lift ball even under no pressure, bad first touch (even Danny!), balls hopping out of hands and never coming out of a ‘ruck’ with ball in hand - Wexford did it constantly. And our tackling isn’t … it is crazy stuff - some really baffling rushes of blood to the head usually resulting in a handy free.

Tactically it was wrong too. McGibb at 11 or elsewhere just didn’t work, our puckouts were a lottery when they stopped the short one, they played the short one all day long against our 2 man FF line - killed us in the first half.

Being honest Wexford played a lot more hurling than us. Again this week we got goals at the right time while they butchered at least 2/3 clearcut chances. Both sides did not score enough from play and were poor enough on that score - pardon the pun. 16 scores will not win you a game in the summer either - unless about 6 of them are goals …

But the signs are encouraging. We keep going til the end - and could have snatched it. We had good chances to make it a two point game but bad shooting/decision making/composure cost us big time. Our defence is excellent - mention to Paddy Smyth today, he was excellent - but we need to be more clever - with the ball, without the ball, in our tackling and we need to start doing the right thing a lot more often that we did today. Beating Offaly will be progress IMO and I am confident we will.

No problem with the Wexford supporters - nice crowd around us.


Dotsy did it consistently against the best defenders. So by my reckoing there arent too many out there doing that for us…even at underage…lets hope we get a few more like him.


Even though we are ahead of where most people would have had us, I am a bit disappointed in this. Even from early in the year I thought we would beat Wexford. But then again I didn’t factor going into it without Keaney or Dillon.

The story of the year is injuries. It over shadows everything else. I think in a few years we will cope better, and hopefully won’t have as many, but for now it is a killer.

If this year is gone, and it probably is, I think next years team will probably have 4 or 5 different guys from numbers 8 to 15, and they will improve it. Plus, naturally enough, some of the younger guys will be older. We are not the basket case we were, but the really unfortunate thing is that of Keaney had just fell a different way, we would have four points on the board probably and be looking at a Leinster final.


Dotsy was brilliant, but he had his off days too, he didn’t always start or finish a game (although that could be just the curse of the corner forward). But for players of a similar ilk, we have young Currie at Na Fianna, also AJ Murphy there too. Cian O Sullivan is very fast, and very handy also.

This years U21s are going to be a bit special. I am looking forward to seeing them next week )I think).


I’m glad to heat it, actually moved because of the obnoxious crew behind me, but I know there’s always a few unrepresentative bad eggs.

On the game I think overall it worked out for us giving them the short puck out, Wexford wasted an unbelievable amount of free ball by either blemming aimless ball at their full forwards or taking pot shots from distance.

I think if Gilroy wants to persist with two men inside he should definitely press opposition puck outs once the ball goes dead. Better teams will work the ball through the channels to their scorers. If the puck outs are pressed and the keeper is made go long our half backs are more than capable of breaking even. Ryaner and Rushie were wasting energy chasing shadows today.

I’m actually delighted after our dogshit league to see we are a competitive Liam McCarthy county and I believe Gilroy has a three year plan to get us back to competing for a shot at a final.

Even if we somehow get relegated there is are signs of upward mobility. Even Dalo had nightmare campaigns in 2010 and 2012 but we still got the highs of 2011 and 2013.


X 2

Both very capable


Lads anyone know where I could get the Sunday Game without resorting to GAAGO ?


Devils advocate here. Would relegation not be the worst thing this year? Easy run through the Joe McDonagh Cup next year, and straight into a knockout All Ireland game.