2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


Really gutted for the lads.
But pat and tbe team have put pride back in Dublin Hurling .
A largely young team will learn a lot from the last two weeks.Games can be won or lost on fine margins. Cant help but feel if keany had not have got injured last week we would be top of tbe round robin




Yes just out. Beat Offaly and we are safe. Beat Offaly and Galway and we could go through.


Ah balls


Yeah apologies - posts being moderated before posting :grimacing:


Galway could have qualified by then,it might get very interesting for the last round


If there are teams on the same points. Does it come down to head to head or scoring difference?


Commentator on Southeast Radio even seemed to suggest we could have had one or two frees that we didn’t get.
Tom Dempsey, liked him as a player but good God, he seems to have it in for Dublin for some reason or another.
And, he’s a Liverpool fan. :sunglasses:

I still think Gilroy has us going in the right direction. As quickly as he would want? More than likely, no. But still a huge improvement on the last two years.

I’d love to hear Bart’s/@TheLoneRanger’s views.

More so, I’d love to have a forward like Brian McMahon around.


Damn it, that hurts. Wasn’t at the game but following it online. We should be good enough to beat Offaly, but I’d rather not be going in to a game needing to win to stay in the Leinster championship for next year.

I’m glad we have picked up our performances from last year, but I’d be much happier if we had picked up a result for all our efforts.


Dotsy too…where is the new dotsy is the question?


Also need to remember Wexford had their full team out. And they’ve their 2nd year of S&C done under Davy.


The new champo format giving us at least 4 games should really help this team develop .
Rone was not built in a day


Jesus Beeko, I couldn’t give a shite what Bart’s views were. I could write them now as they were completely predictable.

Dempsey is just an eejit imo, if he was pro or anti Dublin isn’t vital really.

But we are doing this without Keaney (without that injury we would have 4 points now!), but also Dillon, Burke and a few more.

I am 100% sure we will qualify next year from the group.


Only following it on the radio. Impression I got was that although we could have snatched it, our real issue was that Wexford were wise to our ball winning tactic in the forwards and we couldn’t get a foothold there for too long a spell of the game.

Disappointing to have led both games so late and come away with nothing both times but that’s how it goes. At least we’re competing this year but agree the Offaly game is massive - and they were within a goal of Kilkenny with five minutes left today.


By all accounts Kilkenny were in 2nd gear vs Offaly and could’ve won by a lot more.


Dotsy didn’t always play under Daly. If I remember correctly Ryan started ahead of him in the Kilkenny game we won (or drew) in 13.

But there are potential Dotsy’s out there. But as a start we need to get the forwards we have fit, Burke, Dillon etc. it was good though to see Boland come on today, he is absolutely class when he gets going.


Players have to ignore the result from Kilkenny v Offaly and focus on performance while remembering Offaly beat us in the league this is something Gilroy is good at.
We can not forget this is a must win game biggest game this year


Never mind S+C need to learn how to put the ball over the bar first some terrible wides there today. Onto the next one it’s all to play for


Offaly may I have been within a goal of Kilkenny today with 5 mins to go! But Dublin were ahead with 3 mins to go! Dublin lost by 2pts while Offaly lost by 9pts. Think we have improved a massive amount from our opening league game v Offaly!


We have to beat Offaly, theres no two ways about it. I’m very confident we will. The next two weeks will be about circling the wagons and getting some of the injured lads back. Gilroy needs to get the selection for our front 8 right as well, if there lads returning from injury who will be in contention.
I’m hoping that Galway will slip up in their next two rounds as unlikely as that is. If Kilkenny do beat them though theyll have a tricky tie down in Wexford to come. A winner takes all match in Salthill between ourselves and Galway in Salthill would be a massive occasion. I have some hope for this purely because Galway aren’t really at it this year. They had a good win against Offaly and have serious firepower but havehad a stuttery season to date with a bit of a hangover from the All Ireland and its to be seen whether theyll have rejuvinated their hunger sufficiently. Hopefully we have Dllon and Keaney back for our final rounds