2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


Keep between white lines


Disappointed I can’t get to this but night shift last night, junior game this morning and night shift tonight but an end to that idea. I’ve been up 22 hours now, so goodnight folks, let’s hope I wake up to a win :joy:


Traffic shite.stuck in roadworks


Not on South east radio? No live coverage whatsoever so?


Take left after Ferrycarrig and you’ll fly in. Think the rain will hold off. Conditions very good right now


Delayed by 15 mins.


Raining here. Lots of people crossed the pitch and took other people’s seats in the covered stand. That is part of the reason for the delay.


Is on south east radio if people are looking. Delayed 15 minutes.


It’s on South East Radio shortly



Thanks, their listing on the website read different for me


He speaks! It must be only raining on you @Iomaint!!


If possible, could someone put up a picture of the subs from the program?



Radio saying there’s a lot of off the ball at the start.



No Dillon in subs :disappointed:


For years it was Dermot Connolly instead of Diarmuid. Now it’s Tomas instead of Thomas Connolly :flushed:


4 points to 2 to Wexford. We are not winning our puckouts- which are reaching Rushe!


Hon ya ■■■■ lads


Goal! 1.2 to us. 5 points Wexford.


Wides not helping again.