2018 LSHC Round 2 - Wexford v Dublin, Innovate Wexford Park, Sunday May 20th, 3pm


One of the the traits gilroy wasn’t so good for the footballers ( I’m comparing him against Jim Gavin ) is his ability to deviate from a game plan

So I expect him to stick to the gameplan tomorrow that they set up against Kilkenny and try it out against Wexford


If we can get ball into Rushes hands scores will come, interesting to see how that pans out…


Best of luck to all travelling, shout out for me please too, I’ll be in work glued to DMT! COYBIB!


Don’t get me started on the absolute holy shit show by the GAA not to have re negotiated tv rights… sick I won’t get to see this game!
Unable to travel cause of work too


Trollier played league for us on wed full game. Can’t be far away from being back


Come to Mary’s :wink:


Christ you don’t want that fella in St Marys!!!


Who is Mary? Where is her gaff?



Just there. Finished serving. In the Stores.


Is it on the radio does anyone know?


May have to go forrdin for radio coverage:


Massive game today . Win and I think we’ll get third in group which I would qualify us to latter rounds

Lose and season over I think


South east radio will have live coverage
As a dub living in wexico land the natives
attitude has seriously changed since last week and they are not very confident of a victory over us


That’s pretty much it, well, lose and we’re fighting to avoid relegation.


Any tips for parking down there today lads and ladies?


After last week’s excitement in Parnell Park, I’m raging I cant travel down to this and even more pissed off it’s not on TV. GAA really missed a trick not showing the large number of games on at the moment.

Anyway best of luck to the lads and to all travelling down. Another performance we can be proud of and we wont be far away


I’m taking a win here as bonus territory in terms of the overall let’s say 3 year plan only game that truly matters is Offaly …

Of course will be great to get the win but if we can see ongoing improvement n the same commitment n intensity as last week I’ll be ok with that n the win over Offaly


Limited car parking spaces near the ground .but there is clonard church about 3mins walk from stadium if you get there early .
It is a bit overcast at the moment with rain forecast.


They can’t show them all, there are too many on at the same time.

But some sort of deferred coverage would be great. It sounds like a thing TG4 could do later on in the week and it would attract viewers.