2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Not fair plan A was to fall out with all his selectors plan B was to fall out with all his players both achieved


We used 5 more than anyone else, according to some article I read.


With the Cuala lads in particular being unavailable for 4 months, you can’t blame Gilroy wanting to
at least getting to know them as soon as possible. and maybe get their buy in - I know Gilroy didn’t contact them at all while they in the Leinster and All ireland series


We used 36 I think, which seems strange as 6 of the back 7 seemed to play every game.


Exactly. Shows the level of chopping and changing in midfield & forwards. We’re going to be anything but a settled team v kilkenny.



Wexford used 22 players for more than at least one half of a match during the league. Unbelievable!!


Verdict on Dublin’s chances posted on that now. Light enough but some good points.



Not sure if this was posted already

Dillon is the chief concern really, our best forward the last few years.


Interesting quotes from Daly



There’s no real news there though unfortunately, nothing that couldn’t be gleaned from here. For example, at this stage Schutte is either back with the hurlers (and training with them) or he’s not coming back. But it is a known thing at this stage.


God Daly is some yoke. Like he’d care about clubs!!


He does now :wink:


True, it’s just a recap of this thread really!


Agree but let’s stop bowing to political correctness and calling April ‘club month’. It’s not and never ever will be! They trained twice on Tuesday and Thursday after the Tipp game according to that article and again after rd 1 of league as stated here with a match and training.
It’s the terminology behind the month that infuriates even more.


Clubs not having players available for training in April, for championship, is one thing but having two training sessions in the one day is totally daft. It is still an amateur game and players have lives to live. Where is the recovery time and player welfare.


But again reading the article, tucked were able to tell Dublin what sort of training to do, which I think is mental.

If we get hammered by KK and continuously do for the next 20 years there will be no club hurlng


Why won’t there? That’s a daft and illogical conclusion. The likes of Waterford and Sligo still have very competitive football championships.


Ok, there would be club hurling, akin to the Waterford and Sligo football standard. The county needs the clubs, but the clubs need the county too to give it impetus and popularity.


It is a symbiotic relationship. There’s plenty of time for both with a few simple changes. Fewer teams. Competitions with more regular & meaningful games. Simples.


Kilkenny hammered Dublin consistently during the 90s and 00s and the club championship survived just fine.
Ridiculous argument.