2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


That is true but give the lads time back with there clubs a change is as good as a rest and they would come back flying for the Kilkenny game do you think the lads where saying on the way into play the under 21s I can’t wait for this game I doubt it but I believe they would enjoy the time back in there own club training with there mates


Ah so it’s ok to criticize someone because they haven’t won anything yet??
Daly, GC did exactly the same thing.
Maybe the U.21 Manager asked for a challenge match…


Not criticising st Pat just don’t think it was necessary and are we saying the 21s manager is calling the shots


Not at all, we don’t know who played for seniors v 21’s…maybe as someone said, he wanted to look at lads he hadn’t seen etc


I read somewhere Gilroy has used over 30 players in the league (I could be wrong with the number) surly he has seen them all and as I said earlier the likes of AJ Murphy can be seen playing club championship in 2 weeks is St Pat going to see something in a challenge match that will not be seen in a full blooded championship game


I’d hope so. It shouldn’t be acceptable no matter who the manager is.


Work on & Develop a style of play


At last something we agree on because from what I seen apart from the first 15 minutes v Tipperary (which I presume was plan A)I haven’t seen a style of play that wasn’t hit Danny with everything. So we do need to work on a style of play but maybe that’s something that should of been the first thing St Pat done


That’s one of the issues he’s had, you can’t work on a style of play etc with so many players injured, missing etc…You mentioned AJ Murphy, he’s only back from a serious accident, asking him to jump straight into intensive training 3 weeks before KK game is mad…


He is back playing with Na Finna which St Pat would see in 2 weeks time in a championship match and there is no way they would play him if he wasn’t training


Ah come on, expecting a player to step up to Inter County level, and then asking Gilroy to a decision on him based on one game. He came on in the 50th minute v Whitehall…


St Pat :joy:


Cuala lads might actually enjoy a break away from Club after such a long season with them!


Any reports from the game, did any Cuala lads attend?


If they keep winning all Ireland’s they will be very happy


But bless them! They need a break now and then! :grinning:


I see according to that link I mentioned earlier that Galway used 33 players in the League and Kilkenny 29.

Gilroy using 30 would appear healthy enough so.



For once I wasn’t having a go at St Pat for using 30 or so players that was one of the very few things I would agree with him give as many as possible a run while trying to keep a strong spine (one other bit of advice I’d give him would be don’t loose to Offaly)


How about we send all the Cuala senior hurlers to St Pat for a couple of sessions and all the Dublin panel to Mattie Kenny everyone wins except Cuala and they have won enough recently


That could be our plan B. The previous manager never had a Plan B. Come to think about it He never had a PLAN A either!