2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


It is true


Last championship game is Sunday 22nd, 3 full weeks before the Kilkenny game.


There are three weeks between last club match and the kk match.

Are you honestly telling me you see nothing wrong with what Gilroy is doing?

A disgrace is absolutely appropriate in the circumstances.


Fixed that for you…
Whether you agree or don’t agree. This is not just Gilroy, it is MOST county managers over both codes up & down the country


What other counties have played a Mickey Mouse internal game on the week in between two rounds of club championship?


No point in looking at other managers up and down the Country they are also abusing clubs. It is very simple there was three weeks agreed and allocated for clubs to get together for the club Championship. The County players have been together since Jan which is 12 weeks and they have 3 more weeks after the Club championship which is 15 week.
The management teams and club players at Club level put in a lot of hard work since Janurary, missing key players, surely they also deserve a bit of respect by just letting players back to their clubs for three weeks. We are fast approaching a stage when club managers will not encourage their best players to play with the County team and I don’t blame them.


Surely most people are completely missing the point here. The whole Dublin hurling championship wouldn’t bring in anything like the revenue that a good Dublin intercounty championship game would.


Let me reiterate my stance on this argument


And why did I even tell ya’s :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


To start an argument🤔


Dalys disregard for the club’s was as bad. That didn’t go too badly in the end mind you


Just play championship without the county lads


If other counties are doing it (I’m not aware they are) that in no way excuses it.

The Irish health system is in bits. The health systems in third world countries are a lot worse. That doesn’t mean Ireland have a good system it just means it’s not the worst. Still not something we should be proud of or accept.

People seem to be willing to give Gilroy a pass no matter what. If GC did this there would’ve been war.
One of the most disrespectful things he could’ve done.




Either that or tell Gilroy to go **** off. Its the players of the clubs and counties that are suffering. If you asked them to choose between training for their club championship as per the overall gaa plan for April or go train with Dublin and not turn up for their clubs how many would choose club?


Very few.


Would there be war if Jim Gavin was doing it with the footballers?


Simple question Gilroy has been in charge for 6 months now and has had early morning sessions and at times 2 sessions a day he has had a look at all the players available to him in the league apart from the Cuala lads which he could see in the all Ireland semi finals and final of the club championship.
So what the f#@# did he expect to learn from a challenge match v the under 21s why not let the lads train and play with there clubs and see them at there best in 2 weeks time in important championship games where he could see the likes of AJ Murphy and others that are back from injury


To quote some lad that was in a American presidential race Pat Gilroy is no Jim Gavin :sunglasses:


We are weeks away from playing Kilkenny in the championship and with injuries and Cuala he probably still hasn’t seen half his team out on the field at the same time. He can play an internal game and watch guys play championship, one does not negate the other.