2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Pardon my French but, FK Cunningham ! He ruined us. Whatever Gilroy can do, (and whenever he can do it), to have us ready for champ… let him do it…
I also don’t know wat level of team played, it could have been the extended of the extended or the non club football lads…
If it was non football, one night away but still playing hurling won’t hurt.


Doesn’t matter who it was, it means lads (at least 40) couldn’t train and be with their clubs for a few nights because they’ve had played 2 games in a short space of time.
They’ve been with the county sides since last November, was last night really necessary with some clubs out next Thursday in championship?

So much for April being for club only.


Half the counties aren’t even playing champ… this April isn’t Gilroys problem. It’s the GAA’s.
Perhaps last night was picked because non of them had club training :wink:


Who cares about other counties and what they do.

If they’d no training last night they won’t be much use to their clubs tonight either after playing a game last night and a game just at the weekend.

Regardless it shouldn’t have happened and leave them with their clubs for 3 weeks or so


It matters what other counties do when we’ve obliged the April for clubs and other haven’t and they’ve weeks of training on us…
One session singular won’t have an impact, but 2/3 in house games over the month will make a huge difference (I have zero confirmation there will be 2/3games, just example to make a point)
Also, the GAA themselves barely obliged the April for clubs, the league final was played in April and football scrapped games to save face!
It’s all a lot of BS… County managers expected to take players back so soon before champ, or in Dublin’s case, the weakest we’ve been in years before coming up against what looks like a rejuvenated dangerous Kilkenny…
The whole “April” system is flawed and we all know it…


If it is true that Gilroy had a challenge game this week, it is very disappointing. Despite all the talk in the GAA, this shows no respect for the club teams, or the players or management teams who were told that April would be for Club games. No wonder players are injured, they are exhausted and need recovery time. Clubs are breaking their butts and struggling to get players together, along with trying to get Facilities to train in the bad weather, not to mention all the costs involved. Players should be left with clubs until 2nd round of championship is over, it is only another week.


Lads, let me clarify…
I am not, pro challenge games in the club term, I ABSOLUTELY think the club should get more & deserve more respect… the reality is that the GAA hierarchy do not respect the clubs and shoehorned a dead period before champ to the clubs and just repeatedly shouted April for clubs to make it sound good and respectful.
I think that clubs should have a designated period without players been called back to county etc but until such time as there is a proper structure, I don’t blame anyone for trying anything… and this is not just a Gilroy or Dublin thing, as I said, some counties haven’t even adopted April for club champ at all and are likely ploughing ahead with county training - and the GAA hierarchy are likely to do shag all about it


Mayo footballers are going abroad in April for training i in prep for galway game


In fairness Mayo need lots of extra training! :grinning:


They aren’t a dual county in regard one week football and one week hurling.

They’d a round last weekend of championship but nothing now for a while.


I doubt that they are.

Senior Inter-County Panels shall not be permitted
to go on Training Week-ends, or training of longer
duration, after the Final of their respective National
League having been played, except during the 13
days period prior to a Senior Championship Game,
or during the 20 days prior to an All-Ireland Senior

The penalty, I think, is you forfeit home venue for your first National Football League match next year.


If you look at the schedule of matches the GAA put infront of the teams this year with the restructured championship then it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are training hard in April. In order to prepare for a run of matches with zero recovery time during May/June then April was always going to be hard work for them. Releasing them for extended periods to train with their clubs would be the wrong call (from the Dublin management perspective) if you really think about it.

I fully acknowledge the merits of the argument which focuses on the detriment this has on the clubs.


We are only weeks away from the championship. If Gilroy didn’t have access to the players now we could just give it up. We wouldn’t be the first cousin of competitive. As it is, he hasn’t had a chance to get anything near his best team out yet.

The club v county thing is just a timing clash. If the gAA community came together and told the GAA they wanted x time for club and x time for county, I am sure they would do it in a heartbeat. But there is no agreement. Without thje county scene the whole thing would become a minority pasttime like Shinty in Scotland. Without the clubs there are no players. So it needs to work together. But with all the competing noise there is no way for anyone to find a solution, especially while trying to please everyone. There never has been a change in the GAA which was universally geeeted as a good thing. Personally i thinkt here is too much democracy and compromise in the GAA and it means no one is ever happy.


That mightn’t do them any harm as they didn’t win any home league games in 2018!


Gilroy and the management team knows well that Clubs need access to players for two championship games in April, they call the shots the GAA have made the ruling. It is not the Clubs problem that the County team has not performed this year.


There’s loads and loads of time in the calendar year, just the competition structures are all over the gaff and the number of teams lads are eligible for at the same time is crazy.


I’m sure clubs are saying the same thing!!


Couldn’t have said it better.

If true, Gilroy is a disgrace. He’d want to take a good look at himself and the club roots he came from.


Jesus, why is he a disgrace. Players are playing club championship a week before the county play. Is he not to see the players until the day of the match. That sort of stuff didn’t even happen in the 50s.

The thing is working through a difficult situation and everyone seems to be coping. I don’t think a bit of hyperbole fits this.

Either the clubs don’t let the players go to the county and they are in a horrible situation of going into a game against KK without training or without having even played together as a team. Or the county doesn’t release the players and no championship gets played. In either one of those situations I can see massive rows happening and everyone taking extreme sides. Now that they are trying to walk a middle ground, there are still rows. They really really cannot win.


What club championship match is on a week before the county play or am I missing something?