2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Don’t want to be smart, but i did say Croke Park, Gov & Individual county… am well aware it is an accumulative process.


Hopefully the championship re-structure highlights the need for ground improvements. Development at grassroots can’t stop either. Its an overall balancing act that the numbers people need to look at…
I will point out, grounds coming under such scrutiny is a new thing at county level as prior, they were pretty much only used for Club Championships or O’Byrne / Walsh cups etc…

FULLY agree with your points that stadia just need to be “Modest” and wholeheartedly agree re presentation of Parnell Park. Place looks immaculate on TV


exactly and then counties can develop a ground to fit their general attendance rather then building 30-40K stadia in counties with a population of 120K which is a nonsense - just hoping for a munster final once in a blue moon.


But as I said, it’s a bottoms up process and has to start with the County Board.


Yes, depending on the counties need…

However, all that aside, the current state of some grounds, even for their needs right now is absolutely inexcusable


With regards Kildare! They had a prime opportunity to get a proper setup in place about 15 years ago. Lidl or Aldi not sure which! Looked to get hold of the County Ground which is bang smack in centre of the town. In return for this prime location for their supermarket they were prepared to build a state of the art stadium a mile out the road with capacity of about 25000 and gym and facility for a bar! But whole idea fell through because the county board could not agree and after about 100 meetings between sub committees Lidl pulled the plug! Kildare county board should have bit the hand off them with such an offer!


They were too busy having their hand bitten off by someone else.


they’d prefer to whinge and look for a cut of our money


McGeeney etc.


Yea! Forgot about that! :rofl:


What do you think about Waterford now?


I can’t actually remember what I thought of them before! But I guess I must have said they were good. I still think they are not too shabby, although they have lost a player or two. We will see how it ends up at the end of the group stages…


Huge scoreline to concede, considering their setup is generally not to concede. Then again they started badly last summer as well.


The next game will tell all. But the management team might have reached the end of the road with them.


Galway were very strong and powerful today v kilkenny.All their big men stood up and laid down a big marker for season.Only Tj kept the score half decent


Lads is there any definitive word on Keaney’s shoulder injury ? Whats he suffering from and what is the timescale for a return ? We need him badly