2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Dublin be in lion’s den next week. Wexford hold about 15,000? Only guessing, Will be sold out as will their other home games. So should they be made move? Surely part of point of any championship is that dark horse might do one of the big beasts, Home advantage if it happens is part of that,


Wexford holds 25,000. It happens the 5 hurling counties have capacity (us just about) so the 2 homes, 2 aways works. And you can’t compare the Leinster hurling-football - there are two different formats this year but there will be home/away in the Super 8s


One of the issues that goes against Aughrim is the road system from the M11 to the village (it’s too small to be called a town). The road couldn’t cope with 90% of the crowd coming from the same direction.


It’s capacity is 7,000 - that’s what ends the argument.


Okay, so say in some mad alternative universe Dublin got Galway in a home hurling quarter final and had first draw, would you seriously advocate that we surrender home advantage to cater for people who haven’t been there all year?

Aughrim be great crack. Seem to remember some lunatics in a tank when played them in O’Byrne years ago.


I give in :+1:


You sound like my other half :slight_smile:


Dublin played KK last Sunday in the Nell and there was no problem as regards capacity, But Aughrim would struggle to hold the wicklow support alone never mind the Dubs.


Man Utd pack out old Trafford at 70k+ a week but very few get to the away games, max 5%
Same thing.
Real issue here is that so many of our stadiums are SIGNIFICANTLY outdated. Many have space & room for greater capacity but it causes a genuine health risk to let more in as they are!!..
Personally, I absolutely love the home & away aspect & maybe if it continues over years, increased gate revenues might contribute towards an overall improved match day experience…
Fk sake, if the GAA sold rights to all the feckin games theres more money… increased revenue to marginally modernise stadia & anyone who cant get a ticket watches on TV…

No point beating around the bush folks, every point above is valid, only reason half of the won’t work is because we don’t have the infrastructure…
And before ya’s crush me, im not talking about making Aughrim the new Pairc ui C in Cork… talking about actual seats not benches, concrete terraces not muck hills etc etc…

Like everything in the GAA, logically its all an easy fix, just nobody has the balls to make a change,

Sorry for going off subject ha


I agree, but I didn’t say Sunday’s game should’ve been in Croker for the sake of atmosphere, and I did say a couple of times now that playing Kk in PP clearly served a purpose and might do again in the round Robin games. I did say the issue for me is being able to play to their best in the bigger stadiums if they progress later in the championship. So I’m not sure why you think I’m saying that playing in Croker in May is part of my argument.


Don’t disagree with that at all @Dubsfanhurler. Love an away day. I posted earlier that Leinster GAA have said that the only grounds that could cope with the Dubs away are Tullamore, Nowlan and O’Moore. I think Carlow and Wexford could too but maybe not cater for stand seats for season ticket holders (I don’t agree with that btw!)

My neighbour who I go to games all over Ireland with was in last night and he pointed out that probably the four biggest county populations outside Dublin (Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Louth) haven’t a decent ground between them! Isn’t that shocking?! And I wouldn’t blame Croke Park either. But that’s quite damning on those counties IMO - and that includes Wickla!


Top level soccer was alot more boring in the 70s-90s, as a game


Well, your blame should lie with Croke Park, Government & individual county.
Combined 3 who fund these along with a sponsorship rights over the name.
Meath have planning I believe to sort out pairc tailt.
Kildare’s place in Newbridge is a prime example of my point, place has massive room, there is about 20ft from the sideline to the stand dressing rooms are a disgrace, players are squashed in under a house and match officials are in a truck container :joy::joy:


Possibly but at least the teams fielded a smattering of locals.


Croke Park and Govt should go throwing money at county boards telling them to build a ground??? Anyone who showed ambition in this regard was given plenty of assistance (O’Connor, Nowlan). It’s a bottom up process but these counties have done nothing. How much money went out of Kildare GAA in the 90s/00s? A fair chunk of a decent ground I’d say …


But it’s hard for people to win. If they spend money on a ground, they get castigated for not spending it on development facilities (like Cork). If they spend it on development facilities, they get castigated for not having a ground (like Louth).

I think there should be an aim for every county to have a modest, modern ground. It doesn’t have to be built to hold the peak crowd they will get for a big game once every five years, it needs to hold a slightly above average crowd. Parnell is actually nearly spot on for our hurlers at the moment.

The other advantage of Parnell is that it looks really good on TV. The pitch is always great, the cameras are on the opposite side to the stand so it shows the crowd, and the advertising looks professional. In some grounds you only see the empty terrace, there is a mish mash of advertisement hoardings, some decades old and the pitch looks terrible. It doesn’t cost a lot to sort out this stuff.


Or what about several counties sharing a centrally located ground allowing more to be spent on said ground, and it getting used more often.
E.G. a 25-35k modern ground near the M4/M6 Junction could cater for Kildare, Meath and Westmeath.

Too much sense?


Used to follow Leeds for my sins. Practically same team from 1967 to 1974.

Would you be bothered watching Dublin if they had bought Clifford or O’Connor who might then be playing for Tyrone next year?


Hey, careful now!


My point was about the standards/entertainment levels of the game, nothing to do with player transfers or that side of things. Of course I agree with your point/that point.