2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


But the hurling is now a League format - two home, two away. Aughrim, with 7,000 capacity is just not a runner nor should it be.


I did say “potential” double standards.
If the football championship was similarly formatted, and Wicklow were due a “home” game v Dublin, where would it be played?


If your aunt had balls etc etc.


Beeko makes a good point. Dublin had home game against the Cats, if it turns out we might get a home game if we manage to get to qualifiers, then I would hope we insist that it is in PP.

Wicklow and other counties with small grounds are equally as entitled to that call.


I think it’s the opposite, we would be showing a massive lack of ambition by aiming towards some hypothetical thing in the future and not trying to maximize the game in front of us. Tipp campaign for Thurles, Kilkenny for Nolan Pk, we should always push for Parnell.


She used to.




That would have been a great line for Rudyard Kipling to finish with.


That is all arguable, I mean you could argue that the atmosphere for the players in a packed Parnell Park would be more similar to croker on All Ireland semi final day, than an empty Croker in early May would be, so the players are getting the feel of playing in front of a big crowd in the Nell.
let’s face it croker with 25k in it is nothing like it is with 70K+, so playing there now would not really be getting them used to anything.


As regards Counties having the right to home advantage, it is fair enough, but if it means leaving thousands outside, I honestly don’t believe it is anyone’s interest. It is unfortunate that Wicklow can’t play at home, but if the ground has only a 10K capacity, it would also be unfortunate to leave about 20k outside.


Wicklow have perfect claim to bring our footballers to Aughrim. Same as our hurlers would/should bring any of the big beasts to Parnell. Wouldn’t be losing too much sleep over 50,000 people who were not there in February. To be honest.


What about the 15,000 that were there in February?


I think the main issue is that they have to have seats for season ticket holders, if a county has that I think they can fire away.

It’s unfortunate when people can’t get in, but it’s only a match at the end of the day. It’s the same as TV coverage, people are very upset when Sky has a game they want to see, but no one seems fussed when no channel is showing a game. So the issue seems to be more that others might have something they don’t.


Always a downside! Seriously though, championship has really caught the imagination this year. Might change if there are dead rubbers later on but part of it is surely Wicklow getting our boys in Aughrim, Cats in Parnell.

As retro soccer fan I remember teams like Hereford beating big clubs in FA Cup in 70s on mucky pitches. Bring it on I say!


Those are two of the big stadiums. And I did say PP may still prove useful in the round Robin, so I am thinking about the games in front of them but before long it loses that value, other teams will plan for it.
Anyway we will see how it pans out, might be all academic if they don’t get in the top 4.


You remember it because it was rare. Also giant killing happens more in soccer because it’s so boring the better team sometimes can’t get around a parked bus.

It’s no basis as the primary competition for a sport. The new hurling format is pretty bloody good imho. Lots of important matches, between reasonably even teams. That’s what sports fans want to watch. That’s what players want to play in.

Different to the football as the hurling is home & away, so doesn’t compare with Wicklow.


But how is beating another piss poor team earning the right to anything. Dublin have a core support of min 20k and it would be unfair and stupid to lock them out for some bizarre imagined romantic notion. It’s bad enough trying to get tickets at the other end of the comp!!


Tayto, I wouldn’t watch EPL if there was game in back garden now. Once upon a time English soccer was one of the great sporting competitions.

Dub, you have no argument why we should have championship hurling at home, and that Wicklow not have same in football.


It’s a different format this year for a start in the hurling @Tumbles - we are away to the All Ireland champions Galway and also Wexford - nothing romantic for the underdog there eh?

In the football there seems to be a notion that you get a home game if you win a preliminary round - but that’s not a hard and fast rule. It doesn’t make sense to me to deny 15-20k people the chance to attend a match that will only have one result no matter what you do.