2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Mustn’t have been too far from you so, agreed, it was not a great ball. Spoke to a few small ball lads today that don’t contribute/read here and they are more/less in agreement with what we’ve all said here. Disappointed and sore, but tremendous encouragement. Probably our most encouraging day in 4+ years, despite the defeat.


Excellent analysis. And certainly, if looked at like that by the management, things that can be worked on. If we see the same first 65 with an improved last 10 against wexford, then we can go close.


Excellent post ABC.

Your point about Smyth releasing the ball into the unknown is spot on. If there’s one thing management could tell him to help him no end it’s that you never let go of the ball in that situation. I actually see young lads do it a lot in club hurling, blind handpasses, releasing the ball onto their stick in a congested area, trying to get a strike off surrounded by opposition.

I do however feel the ref was incorrect and very inconsistent in not giving Smyth the free out but your point has made me look at it in a slightly different way. Once the ball comes loose it will create doubt in the refs mind, he may have thought it was a dispossession. If Smyth holds that ball and gets up with it in hand it may have been a clearer foul.


7, that would be considered Vets in Kilkenny sure them boys play it in the womb:)


Granny was from Gowran, must have missed the gene!


I’d go one further, its “whhrrrrishty”.
Really good effort by our lads, they will be sick they let it slip. Need to follow up now which is even harder.


Agree 200%, need to lose this up against it underdog mentality very soon. We almost got there under Daly, now need to get back to that


You take sundays attendance, double it, and stick it in Croker and the atmosphere is shite. Nothing to do with underdog mentality. Simply as an occasion and for enjoyment as a supporter. Parnell Park is the place to be.


Great post @abc123
And again, without wishing to rest on our laurels of “moral victories”, it’s great that we, as genuine supporters, are looking back with the disappointment of the what-might-have-beens but also with immense pride in the lads and management. Gilroy has pointed in a direction. It looks like the right direction for now and it looks like everyone is on board in getting there.


It’s the most competitive we have been against a top side in the championship in a long time, will all be for nothing if we lose to Wexford, but signs are they with a few tweaks we can compete again, much sooner than might have realistically been expected after a really tough league in terms of personnel available.

Unfortunately, @abc123’s list of errors is not something new, we did the same against tipp after the first 15 minutes of flying, suddenly the wheels come off and we handed them easy score after easy score. We concede too easily when we’re on the back foot, although some of the frees given to Kilkenny were very soft compared to the tackles they were putting in on rushe.


Any word on Keaneys injury?


The second article below is a very interesting breakdown


You’re missing the point. If Dublin hurlers want to progress they need to be doing it in the major stadia, not basing it on some notion of fortress PP. It’s like hiding in a happy cosy place. Doesn’t matter if there’s 50,000 or 50 there it’s about ambition. And it’s a fact that most games at the top level will be in the big stadia.
PP served a good purpose for the team in that moment that came about on Sunday, and it may well serve some purpose this summer against Offaly or Wexford if we get to play them there but that’s it.


I’m not missing the point, I get the point. but as a supporter i disagree with the point, I enjoy Parnell park 100 times more than a dead/deserted Croke park, our record there is much better than in Croke Park, we play enough league matches there to get used to the place - we need points in these Leinster games or we won’t see a bigger pitch later in the year, so Parnell Park is the place to play.


Exactly. If we had a 20,000 capacity stadium be perfect, but we don’t. In meantime PP is the place for hurlers. And as anyone who has been at the night time county football finals, there is nowhere to match it for atmosphere, They should never again play bottom of bill to footballers, Doesn’t happen in any other county.


If Aughrim could hold 11,000, would Wicklow have been allowed to host Dublin in the LSFC Quarter-Final, I wonder?


If that’s their county ground then of course they should.

You do raise interesting point all the same. This year looks like seeing huge increase in attendances, So only a matter of time before ticketing through season and county passes fails.

PP stand pass holders could not get tickets last Sunday and only empty space in the place was either end of stand where season ticket holders weren’t bothered to turn up.

If Mayo who have huge loyal support draw a team in qualifiers with small ground, where will they fit them all?


Bang on Tayto and by the way fock Dublin board for throwing PP holders out of the stand where there were many empty seats last Sunday


My point it that there are potential double-standards in operation… Leinster Council happy to let Dublin hurlers play their home game(s) in PP yet won’t let Wicklow footballers do the same at home to Dublin.


I think PP is great and I know the atmosphere is great but the fact is if this team is to progress they have to be comfortable playing in the big places. At some point soon any sort of reliance on that will hold them back. And to be honest, once a team is challenging the best teams, the atmosphere will be brilliant in any stadium.