2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


The one into the church end? Looked well wide to me from the far end. Tailed off badly


Have been in Parnell Park a good bit over the last few years and at the Church end goals there seems to be regular issues over whether points have been scored or not.


The ref was too whistle happy all through the game. He blew up our forwards a few times for the intense tackling stopping KK coming out with the ball on numerous occasions. Another thing we were excellent at too, I’d say the KK backs were only delighted to get out of Parnell park at the end of it.
I think when Smyth was bundled over it came as such a surprise he didn’t win a free as the ref had been blowing this type of free all game.


Was on half way on terrace. Definitely a wide, Last night was totally convinced Kirwan had done us over Blanchfield goal but when you watch it back it was six of one and half dozen the other, and Rushie could have been blown up for carrying. Downfall was the missed frees that would have given us a 7 point gap that would have made them hunting goals, But having said that, Ryan played out of his skin and was right option. Next Sunday be some crack!


It’s actually spelt,… WRISHTY!
The H is pivotal


He had two shots into the church end, one went left of the post and was definitely wide. But he had another that went right of the posts (or over), the commentators seem to think it went over.


Over the post is wide. If its that close, you have to give the umpires benefit of the doubt


I didn’t mean over the post, I meant wide or over the bar. To be honest I haven’t a clue where it went, just the TV guys thought it was a point.


This is the down side of playing in Parnell Pk. No Hawk Eye!


Watched the recording of the match. The first free against o’carroll was just bizarre. Danny & Whitley hit a few poor wides/dropped balls short. Both can and will do better. whitley’s pull for the goal was a rocket. Just a bit more nous/composure and we’d have won that game.


I was happy with Pat Gilroys appointment and the most pleasing thing is he was taking it for the right reasons and not to get himself another job. After yesterdays performance I am more convinced than ever if he can marry the hard work, physicality and honesty with skill and big game experience we will be on the right road. I wont get over excited about losing a game we should have won but there was more effort and passion in one championship match than we got in the shit show that went on over the past few seasons. Its a start and a good start. There will be tired bodies and Wexford know our set up but hopefully the lads will be determined to go out and play to those standards again.

100% its Dublin’s home and a packed PP beats a half empty croker hands down.
Wexford Park is a ground we’ve had success on before and i’m sure it will be a big crowd there as well.


Yeh thats the one tailed off to the right


Agreed with a lot here.
Wexford fans are well aboard the Davy Train also, Wexford Pk will be rammed.
We’re targeting them for a win, but they’re also targeting us! … this has the billings to be as good as Sunday gone


I saw keaney chasing shadows in the club championship little over a year ago and I feared for him this season. However he now looks as fit as ever and his workrate since he’s returned to the fold has improved game on game, cumulating in a performance for the ages yesterday. He has obviously pushed himself to the limit and showed true leadership yesterday. Hopefully the injury is not as bad as it looked. Fingers crossed.
With regards to the game yesterday, the fight,togetherness and pride in the jersey on show was nothing more than I expected from a Pat Gilroy led team. After a while,the crowd really picked up on the efforts of the players which fed into an overall fantastic atmosphere,which ,in turn, spurned the players on even more. For the first time in at least 4 seasons you could feel the bond between squad and supporters. It was great to be a part of and long may it continue.
They say the last few rounds in boxing are the championship rounds,the time when experience and skill are tested to the limit. The boxer who keeps his composure and backs himself will almost always come out on top.
Going into the 62nd minute,Crummy hit a monster point to put us 5 up with 12 minutes to play (8+4). We looked good,strong and composed. What went wrong?
If we sideline the ref and keaneys injury and take those last 12 minutes as a stand alone entity,there is so much to learn for the Dublin lads. I’ve no doubt that the management will hone in on the closing minutes where it was our bad play,not Kilkennys good play,that gifted them the win.
After Crummys point, RODs lack of pace to check PadraigWalsh ends up with a long delivery down on top of Sean Moran who inexplicably touches the ball down with his stick when an unchallenged catch was on …the result is a free given away by Moran and a handy KK pt.
A minute later Moran hoovers up a rushed KK clearance,glides past a tackle and winds up in the midfield. From where I was sitting there was a one on one in front of the KK goal where a dink ball of Moran would have been the right ball. Instead he played the ball out to ROD in a congested area of the pitch. Rod fouls,murphy points from a free and its back to 3. Then on 68 minutes comes our big chance,a free shot on goal by t Connolly that goes wide. Had we gone 4 up going into the 69th minute we would have been odds on for the win.
Directly after, paddy Smyth gets caught flat footed directly under a high ball. Unable to move,the ball is tapped from his hand ,breaks to fennelly who scores, back to two.
Another soft free given away from the hop ball is pointed by murphy…1 in it.
Then comes the goal. I’m not really interested weather it was a free or not on Smyth. Two things went wrong here from a hurling point of view. When Smyth hits the ground,he is still in control of the ball. He has it in his hand… Instead of holding onto it,giving away a free (we’re 2 up in injury time),or trying to handpass it away,or even getting back up from the ground,he does the worst possible thing,he drops the ball,giving the Kk players a chance of a turnover in a dangerous position. First rule of county hurling,always hold onto the ball till you know what you doing with it…
The second problem with the goal was,where was the cover? If Moran was the free man in defense,why wasn’t he between blanchfield and the goal? We knew KK needed a goal so how did the whole defense,including the sweeper, get pulled out the field leaving blanchfield with a 40yard run to score?
We respond with a free,our first score in 11 minutes, but from the resulting puc out,kk walk the ball up to Walter who scores.
Then to finish,Barrett messes up on a measured pass that should have been controlled which results in a silly foul by bill ocarroll and a pt by tj.
So what I draw from all of that is that it was our mistakes that handed KK the lifeline and it was our inability to remain composed in the last 12 minutes which cost us the game.
The experience,if used correctly,will only improve us even further.
Most gratifying things I took from yesterday
The togetherness of the squad .
The bond between squad and supporters restored.
The love of the Dublin jersey laid bare.
Keaney rolling back the years.
The hb aerial display.
Ocallaghan at fb,been a fan for a long time.
Odonnells marshalling of tj.
The forwards workrate. The difference it makes when you pick 6 honest,fit, hard tackling forwards who you can trust is immense.
The players and Pats reaction after, no moral victories here.
Bodes well.


Excellent post!


Indeed, excellent post.

You mentioned Moran taking the ball down with his hurl - that wrecks my head completely, there was an even worse example in the league game against Tipp. It is horrendous because somewhere along the line some genius took kids and untrained them in the art of catching a ball and trained them in this completely ridiculous skill. You see it in all counties, but no where did it take off like in Dublin.


Like that, specially about the crowd getting behind them. Kilkenny chap said to me in Craobh: “oh do you follow the hurling?”

Eh, only been fkn playing and watching it since I was 7! He meant no harm, but all the same…


Jesus, he was in the wrong place if he was asking someone if they followed hurling. I would suggest he doesn’t follow it a lot himself.


Just on our games in the 'Nell, I’ve heard it mentioned on a couple of podcasts now that Gilroy wants us out of there and in Croker asap, the point being that the sharp end of the season is decided there. Wonder will yesterday alter that thinking, if indeed it’s the case.


Great post, just on the ball lost by Barrett. It was right in front of me and it was a bad ball I thought and it was to the side of him and I thought it should have gone straight down the line to the corner forward area.