2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Of the starters Nolan, Keaney, Sutcliffe and Ryan were back. O Carroll was new. McBride and Malone were first championship start. Smith and Whitley who were too young last year, are a year older now (obviously enough!).


Not true.

The format was the same in 2013 as it was in 2012 and has been ever since.

In 2012 Clare beat Limerick in the 1B final and only Clare got promoted.

Galway beat Dublin in the 1A relegation final and only Dublin were relegated.

Same format applied in 2013.


Some lads are being harsh on Tomás Connolly I feel. He scored a good point. Setv up Crummy for a point. Won a good free in defence after chasing Scanlan back.


Only criticism from yesterdays great performance was Nolan’s puckout.
He was fine when going long or short to the full back’s, but he either overhit or underhit them every time he tried to find Crummey, Moran or Barrett. Twice they resulted in scores for Kilkenny. I’ve been to every game this year, and this was the best performance by a longshot, with much more to come too. Danny was relatively quiet, Rushe will also improve too - thats his first full game all season.


Atmosphere in Parnell was great yesterday, really enjoyed it. We certainly got the performance we can be proud of and a few small things that can be easily fixed (missed frees, couple of wayward puck outs, couple of times lads taking wrong option etc) will only improve things. We should be striving to improve and get better every game now…no stepping back!

Was right beside it and couldn’t believe free wasn’t given just before the KK goal. Smyth done everything right…out in front of his man, got ball into his hand and was blatantly pushed in the back to the ground. Terrible call, but they outscored us 1-05 to 0-01 in last 10 minutes (incl injury time) so we can’t complain too much I suppose.



Dublin hurling belongs in PP. That was proper championship yesterday, on both sides of the wall. No more warm up acts.


Minors outscored 1-5 to nil in last five too …


Keaney has been very good in the club championship this year. Was superb against brigids. A warrior.


Agree fully here. If Nolan can be more confident and accurate with the mid rang poc outs that would improve us no end.
We can all be very proud of yesterday. The team were immense…BUT…we need to follow that up with another similar performance down in wexford. No use putting that performance in yesterday and then dip in next game. As has been said by a couple of others its this game v wexford that is going to show us where this team is really at. Big game ahead now.


Agree amigo, no point in throwing the kitchen sink at kilkenny and rolling over v Wexford. Need to go in with the same attitude.


I’m out of date, haven’t seen any club this year… thanks. And he’s definitely a warrior and worth hs weight in gold when going well


Lads just to counter argue…
The free we won, for Moran to deliver to Rushe that ended in our first goal after 3min SHOULD NOT have been a free. So our free & their free that where given & not given, both resulted in goals. Overall, on balance, he wasn’t great for both teams and we both scored a goal almost directly from a decision not given.
We had 10wides, and as many short, with a couple of miss-hit free’s. There’s the difference, not Kilkenny, not the ref.
PS- I poured my admiration for the team yesterday, but we need to move on from the free no free saga


Yes attitude! That’s half the battle IMO.


Agreed but at times it felt that lads weren’t expecting them either especially one or two he hit at Moran.
Also another area to work on is some of the passing, in general it was excellent but still a lot of ball hit at peoples feet instead of finding the hand.


The ability to win or draw a game comes with maturity, experience and coaching.
KK have that ability at all age levels, including Colleges, as they stick to the same process until final whistle is blown, that is part of their coaching culture, they know how to win games. Dublin footballers have the same ability which comes with winning. Gilroy said it after the match that it was lost in the last few minutes as the “intensity dropped” and KK stuck to the game plan and scored 1-5.
This should improve in time but we need to extend our bench and have a more settled team, plus be more disciplined in the tackle. We gave away far too many frees.


I think the ref did exactly what people apparently want from refs, he ‘let the game flow’. Now the only way he can actually do this is by not penalizing fouls. Personally I am all for that when Dublin commit the foul, but I am totally against it when he doesn’t award one the opposition commits.


He actually did the complete opposite to “letting the game flow” and needlessly blew of several occasions to both sides. however, overall we got some benefit & they got some benefit (directly referring to goal chances i mentioned above) so after that, time to move on


Well I don’t think he let it flow at all. From his first mysterious whistle against Bill O’Carroll to many other extra soft frees for both sides. But I thought he turned against us in the last 10/15 mins as can be told by the free count… admittedly we were tiring and committing more but I thought we could have had an extra 3 frees on top of the one or two we only received in those last 10/15 mins… his aggressive signalling to Nolan to get up irked me as he could have been genuinely injured after that clash for which he was a long way away from.
All said it makes no odds now… we can take a lot from it… The comradeship was there for all to see which was a delight… Big question is can they do it back to back… Wexford will be worried!!!


His ability to make space and his wristy striking were a joy to watch…tackling too…what a leader itd be a travesty if hes badly injured.


There were definitely frees he didn’t blow, but on the ones he did I just don’t know. I always reckon the ref is nearer and just because I didn’t see it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I do remember though for the Kilkenny goal, wondering why the Kilkenny guy was still playing on as the ref has obviously blown for a free and I just hadn’t heard it. I was so sure it was a free, I never considered it a possibility that it wouldn’t be given.

Just looking back at the TV recording though, I hear Duignan questioning a foul on Rushe and if it was one or not, he might have a case there, but what wasn’t really in question was that Rushe was in the box for the whole of the play, so if the ref saw fit to give the free, it should have been a penalty.

Also - on calls of the officials, the commentators seemed sure a shot by Danny was over, and not a wide. I wasn’t in a position to see it correctly - but does anyone have a view on it.