2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


That’d be a slight worry going into next weekend, we’re going to need the same work rate against Wexford to have any chance, but at least we know we won’t be physically bullied.

Dillon & Burke expected to train this week.


Dublin must have been doing something right yesterday. You could clearly sense tension amongst the Kilkenny supporters in the stand during the 2nd half. There was a sense of relief more than delight when the final whistle blew! Well done Dublin for raising their game to that level. Hopefully they can build on that from here on in!


Another positive to possibly garner is that if this level of performance and commitment is shown for the remainder of the championship and into next year’s league, it may make it more attractive for lads to go back to the county hurling panel instead of whatever reasons stopped them doing so his year.


I’d say it will be hard for them to pick themselves up. Wexford will be as Parnell was for the Cats.

Good news hopefully about Keaney,


It was Mansfield who dropped the ball in to win it. There’s now 9 Dubs involved that day on the panel this year…O’Callaghan,O’Donnell, Madden, Malone, Mac Gib, Barrett, Cian Boland, F Ó Riann Broin and Winters.


We won there before in the last World Cup year … believe!!


Fair play to the management and the lads, producing that from the preparation they’ve had and from a series of challenge matches together.
Someone is doing a good job there.
Who figured out how to get Rushe to turn on a sixpence (ok, maybe a 50p) in the forwards?
And got that out of Keaney when he hasn’t been close to it in club (a bit of the late career Paul McGrath there where you manage the toll on the body maybe)?
Turned Bill O’Carroll’s aggression into inter county standard hurling?
Would love to know what they’ve been doing behind the scenes…
One thing seems fairly clear - they decided that much better fitness, ball winning, strength and aggression were absolute basic requirements. Seems like some of the Clare players of 2013 wouldn’t make it into the Dublin (or any leading county) set up these days


I knew it was a ‘field of some sort :grinning:

That team and the one that lost to Galway in the semi after extra time were two very good ones (albeit they share some players) and could / should be the basis of the future.


I think the secret for Rushe was the type of ball in and giving him the space to run into. He still probably didn’t turn so great at other times, but in straight lines the guy is unbeatable.


they were pretty direct yesterday and cleared out a lot of room for him to run in to


I think this really was a game where the result wasn’t important. A few points swing one way or the other is no big deal really. It will be for the players who obviously want to win, but for us I think it is less so. It’s a league system, if we beat Wex and Offaly we will probably make an AI QF and that would be good for a first year of this management.

But the day also proved the madness of playing games in an empty, soulless Croke Pk. Apart from the bonus of the performance, that was a great day out yesterday


Next weekend was always going to be the deciding factor really of where we are and yesterday a bonus. Those players have beaten Wexford well at underage and senior. The ‘Davy experiment’ will implode at some stage as we have all seen before.


But he loves dem boys…


Had to go on the sauce after PP to settle myself.

If Gilroy and backroom team can produce that after 6 months imagine what they can do after 2 years.

As gutted as we are, imagine being one of the players going into work today.


Work?? Are Dublin GAA players not professional???


I have said it before here, so it is just not because it affected us yesterday. But the punishment of a score against you for a minor foul on your own 45M line is too much. There should be scope for some version of an indirect free (there is now in football if a kick is being taken to restart a game).

Fair play to teams who have guys who can score from there (and Ryan can give it a good go) but it’s a bit like a ‘special teams’ play rather then a core part of the game.


Particularly delighted with rushey, he was immense. Great to have him playing so well again. He was very effective at u21 in the forwards so wondered why it hadn’t translated to senior. Play him the right ball and he’ll cause mayhem.


That’s it in a nutshell. It’s all about the ball in. Management deserve huge credit for the set up yesterday that aloud us to maximise what Rushe had to offer. Rushe wasn’t and won’t be the only forward we have to benefit from a solid effective game plan from players out the field. Paul Ryan, although missed easy frees had a very good game IMO. 1-1 from play if I’m not mistaken is a good return from a forward any day of the week. I’m hoping we see similar from the likes of Winters Burke and Dillon when they are all back together and getting the right ball into them to do some damage. That part of our game was totally non existent under G Cunningham.

Yesterday we had to the fight and heart we had under Daly and an added cuteness to go with it.


I hope he enjoyed it himself. He always says in interviews he prefers the backs. I actually over heard someone tell him at one of the league games that he should be in the backs and he answered ‘tell that to Pat’.

But maybe yesterday would have given him a taste for it.


how Many returnees did we have on the pitch yesterday n how many debutants in champo ?

Just try to gauge the turnaround in terms of personal since u know who …