2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


We booked in for the Saturday night a few weeks back and rooms were scarce so hopefully that’s a good sign. Be great to bring big numbers


Another way of looking at this Dublin are now at Championship pace. While Wexford will be coming into this without the benefit of such a tight game!


Very very true and I hope that’s the case and we can all continue on with the positivity :grin:


The most refreshing thing to ever come to res… positivity… :joy:


Didn’t realise KK had 8 debutants.

Looking at that blanchfield goal again it was a free out without doubt on Smyth.

Delighted to hear Gilroy say it’s not about moral victories but winning. Play like that next week and we have a real chance.


Delighted for Chris Crummy.
Totally deserved his Man of the Match award.


It is impossible to know if it was deliberate, so innocent until proven guilty IMO.


Not a hurling man but went along today to give the lads a shout out. I have to say the pride in the jersey on display was a sight to behold. To think i nearly stayed at home to watch that shite in mchale park. Some of the catching from both sides but esp dubs was surely the finest act a sportsfan can see. Sometimes i think we take it for granted- there were quite a few tourists around who were completely mesmerised. Gutted for the lads especially not getting the free for a clear push before the kk goal. Obviously there are huge poitives and you have to hand it to the giller, if it can be done he’ll do it. Think i’ll head upstairs now and tell the wife i’ll be heading to wexford next weekend now😉


10.35 train…


So Cian Boland is not so badly injured as some reports suggested. Maybe this year won’t happen for him because he has missed a lot of games, but if he can be got right he can bring a lot. One of the best underage guys we had in years.

I am not sure Dublin are wedded to that sweeper system, we might not see it next week. It suits Moran’s style of play very well, so they might base it around him, but there are other options.



Kilkenny have been playing the sweeper system for years with great success, if we called it the cats system maybe people would prefer it. Can’t see any other way of protecting the keeper from a stampede.


ROD didn’t add to the mature heads, he committed a couple of important fouls. I can see the logic for putting him on at the time, but I wouldn’t repeat it. He has a role, but it’s not as a cool head when a game is in the melting pot.


I have nothing against it, if it works it works. I do worry though it makes teams predictable and there needs to be some sort of variation within it.


The morning after the night before…

When Keaney was drafted back into the squad at the beginning of the year I was one of the first to question it and was vocal in my disagreement with it. Yesterday made me eat humble pie. Proved his worth.

Danny showed glimpses again. He’ll continue to improve with each game. Barrett, Moran, and Crummy sensational. That’s the half back line for years to come, O Donnell excellent also. Rushe’s desire was incredible.

The tenacity shown by the team throughout was incredible. My memories of nearly every KK game over the years was that they physically bullied us off the pitch. That didn’t even come close to happening yesterday.

What was evidently clear there yesterday was everyone’s understanding of what their job was. There was definitely no “startled earwigs” out there to quote the manager himself.

However, we’ve had weeks and months to plan for this game, now there’s a week until the trip to Wexford. I just hope this gives all the players enough time to learn and understand their role for next week.

There’ll be very little done on the field this week, possibly only puck out stuff at most. I hope the players can recover physically and mentally before next weekend. I worry it’ll be difficult to recreate a performance like that again in terms of intensity.

My one caveat from the game is that KK had 7/8 guys starting their first championship game, of which a few were subbed off early. I think next weekend is the real litmus test.

This morning I woke up with a bitter taste in my mouth after that result. I can only imagine how the players feel. But that performance was unrecognizable from the league. The progress was way more than we could ever have expected.

Regardless of how the rest of the year pans out, this bunch have gained a whole load of credit in the bank. Fingers crossed they can add a few points to the board too


Yea no definitely I agree perhaps Johnny McCaffrey could of came in instead of Connolly but apart from that I feel we are limited with experienced heads atm until we get a couple more guys such as Treacy and Trollier back. If we had of had those 2 guys coming in yesterday I feel they could of got us over the line.


Passed Whitely on way over the pitch. He looked devastated. Was going to tap him on shoulder or something, but wasn’t the time. They left it all out there,


Wasn’t it Blanchfield also that scored that jammy goal in u21 game a few years back to steal them a win (the sun in keepers eyes one). He must like going to Parnell…


Was just thinking about that last night! Same generation really if you think about it. Probably our best 21s. Not sure exactly how many still around but the notion that we only have “gym monkies” has been temporarily suspended. Until Loughnane and Brennan think of some excuse.


Still gutted this morning. Some performance. What a shame we didn’t put them away. Pride & faith restored, best evidence yet that we’re on the right track. Just ran out of steam but really could’ve been further head. They’re saying keaney’s collar is not swelling too much so hopefully not broken.