2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


We were two points away, level on 70 min I think. There is no definition of ‘far’ that includes that.

I agree Wex will be a key game, but I can’t see why we can’t replicate that. That wasn’t an improved performance from a team, it was practically a new team, so there is no great reason to think it can’t be replicated. Bettered if we get Dillon fit.


Very apt username! Seems like a shoulder injury? Like what type for a start??

That’s up to 12 weeks if it’s a bad snap. Shite. He was a huge leader today. Hopefully your info is wide of the mark.


Shite - but they can’t have scanned it yet, so they can’t be sure.


Keaney is a huge loss though WiFi.


Yes, massive, but it’s not certain yet.


If it’s snapped, then a scan isn’t needed. You can palpate the fracture spot.


Great post. Although I do disagree a bit 're Nolan. Thought his distribution was pretty poor.


Your man was excellent when he came on…


Very technical Rochey, I’m impressed!

I see Gilroy describing it as bruised in the post match interviews, which of course may be true, or he might be spoofing to disrupt Wexford plans.


Agree with Dillion
Just saying let’s not get carried away looking to 2019 personally


Terribly disappointed not to win that today. A brave tenacious performance mixed with some real quality. Great performance that deserved a win. Frees and other missed chances crucial in the end. Hopefully not a one off and a big step forward from last couple of years. Dublin players looked devastated on the pitch after.

As for the negatives Kirwan was a friggin joke of a referee today as he is for that matter most days. Made a mess of many things during the game but by far the majority of his mistakes affected us. Just incredible how we didn’t get free before the KK goal. ROD had his hurley blatantly held as he broke away on KK 45. How the fook could he have missed that?? That then directly followed by foul on Dublin player who won the ball in full back line. At times no matter what happened he was just not giving us a free. KK scored 15 points from placed balls. KK got out of jail big time today thanks to Kirwan.


I understand your frustrations at the officials, but if we weren’t so wasteful in front of the posts, the referee wouldn’t have mattered.

For me the important thing was as the final whistle blew, pride was restored to that jersey again. I don’t believe that this is a one off either, but it will take a huge amount of sports science and psychology to get these boys up to that rhythm again against Wexford.

No matter, and no point crying over spilled milk. We have turned a psychological corner. This was a huge step.


Kilkenny sure did get out of jail today. Indeed two Kk supporters sitting in front of me remarked to each other when they went a point up in injury time that they will do well to get out of this with a draw! As disappointed and all as our players will feel this evening Dublin will learn a lot from this game today!


when they were 5/6 up he was belting the ball down the middle, Shows good confidence perhaps but % plays always go to the wings.

But that is minor quibble. Great display. If only we had wrists!


Agree we had our chances but least you expect / hope for is a competent, fair referee.

Think it’ll be hard to go again at that level within 7 days of defeat like that. You don’t get that many chances to beat KK in championship. When you come that close it’ll take fair effort from Gilroy to get them back to that level so quickly. That plus any injuries will be hard to sort out. Please God Keaney isn’t too bad.


Agreed. A few too many wides and as many that dropped short. They will be our biggest learnings


It sounds like today was your first Gaelic game :smile:


Absolutely gut wrenching to lose that one today did everything right for 65 mins and just didn’t have the experience on the bench to win it, the lads that did come on did great and kept the intensity but just feel we lacked a few mature heads once Keaney went off.

So much to look forward to this summer and a great platform to build on. I felt that we would be very competitive against KK and Galway this year and beat Wexford and Offaly although now I think wexford will be a big ask after the manner of the defeat today just heartbreaking for the lads, how they will get themselves back to that level of intensity now next week against a fresh Wexford i don’t know but if we do we will win.


Hopefully that performance will see a decent support heading Slaneyside next Sunday


But anyone have an opinion on Walter Walsh standing on Nolan’s arm?
Anyone think that was maybe deliberate?