2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Take ur word for it … was watching on a phone at Jakarta airport so that’s my excuse …


Learning curve hopefully on the back of a terrific effort. Takes blood sweat and tears to learn how to hold onto a lead but Pat won’t be happy to lose the close of the game by about 1-6 to 0-1.


Lads that was superb today…

I aksed during the week what would we be happy with and everyone responded by saying a good account ourselves… we wer a puc of the ball away from a win!!!

2pt loss with so many positives & still so much to work on… our tactics wer absolutely spot on, only a few individuals errors took the win away from us. Fitness was superb and its a very warm day.

Ref was gick for both teams so you can all move on from that excuse…

Rushe was a fkn wrecking ball in full forward!!
Defense wer exceptional.
We are a hard team to beat!!
Nolan who I personally criticised made a brilliant save and distribution was VGood.
Keaney was outstanding, Crummy too. Bill O’Carroll hopefully silenced some of his critics.
Danny grew into the game and absolutely has so much more in him

On the subs, McGibb wen he came on, very direct runner will rip teams open.
Connolly had a savage score.

Ryan was very good until his first miss & then maybe nerves set in, but not to forget he hasn’t played snr champ in a few yrs.
Management didnt waste time changing but remember gents, Ryan had already score what? 1-5/6 or something???

Fk the WRISTY hurler critics, they can use their wrists for something else :fist:t2::fist:t2::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

So so much to take from that game, but absolutely sick with the loss. Maybe that bit of experience in the last few was the difference.
Hopefully we don’t loose Keaney, but we still have Tracey & Dillon to come back as well as Danny definitely still has more to give…

Regarding recovery & showing our hand to Wexford, this wer Gilroy & Cunningham ear their coin …

A great day from Dublin Hurling!!!


Lets not get carried away.


Deflated and really only coming round now but at the same time i am really happy that we at least gave ourselves a bit of pride back in what is dublin hurling.After the last 3 years and a dismal enough league we seem at least to have turned the corner.Also great to see such a crowd in parnell pk for a hurling match.Thanks lads and st pat :slight_smile:


I thought Connolly was decent. He received the ball in a few tricky situations and managed to retain it.

I can’t think of anyone, starter or sub coming on, who didn’t do their bit. The full back line, which was my biggest worry, was immense.

We lost that game because we couldn’t call on the craft of Treacy and Dillon when we needed them, with them we would have seen it out.

I think we will beat Wexford and Offaly and qualify (mind you, I always did, I am just more confident now). I just watched a recording of the game there, it doesn’t really capture some of the great plays by Dublin as could be seen at the game. The harping on by the commentators was a bit distracting too. Some of what Dublin did in really tight situations was outstanding today, but the cameras seem to have been on too wide a focus to get some of it.


If you lose to the league champs by two points you are not too far away.


He did also say, one of the best. Which Kilkenny are, ONE OF the best.


I hope you are right in thinking we are back at the top but I think the next day is absolutely crucial in terms of where this team is at and is going. The next game will tell us if today was a flash in the pan for some lads or a true reflection of the journey this management has brought the players on.

In terms or showing our hand to wexford and anyone else I’m not too worried. We all knew how kk played for years but didn’t mean anyone could beat them during their glory years. I’m not saying we are kk but knowing how a team will approach a game isn’t always enough. It will be interesting to see how we set up against wexford.


I don’t think Gilroy expectation of standard will allow for anything other than blood & guts at a minimum


If you lose an all ireland final by 2 points you are not far away.

Listen these young players have huge potential. They have showed that at underage but we are not top 6…yet.


It was definitely one that got away from Dublin but very positive performance.
I thought when Keaney went off Cillian Buckley controlled the game. We had a few opportunities to take our scores and made wrong decisions The main difference was KK know how to win games and kept their score board ticking.
I would have a concern about the Dublin bench v the Subs KK introduced. Seven day turnaround is a Lot to ask after the great effort today. It is surely a flaw in the system with one team getting a bye.


Yes, the Wexford game is vital. We probably don’t have to win it (this year) but we need to be very close. Although, I think we should win it. We need Keaney though.

But what a turn around from last year, and real quality players there. All six backs, well seven actually, are real top class. I wasn’t 100% sure on O Callaghan and O Carroll, but I am now.

Chris Crummy is All Star material.


Any news on Keaney?


I didn’t think he made much as an impact especially compared to the other two lads that I mentioned but he did better than Dwyer who just fouled when he came in.

Just on Nolan’s puckouts which were generally good but when he tried to play a few short and drill them at lads and it was like we weren’t expecting it at all. I think we lost 3/4 balls like that.

Just hope today wasn’t a flash in the pan and we can play to this level every week as if we do we will give ourselves a serious chance of qualifying


I thought cian at FB was exceptional. In him and O Donnell we seem to have 2 top FB.

A previous post called out Padraig Walsh as showing he is not a top FB, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Look how Cian handled and has handled bigger men than himself. To suggest Walsh is below par would only detract from an excellent performance from Rushe. He took our fight in a good hard working and honest fashion to KK. He’s gone way up in my books as a hurler. Let’s hope he continues it.

Had keaney not come off i expect we would have seen ROD come in for Rushe given the work he got through and the toll it was taking on him. Would have been nice to have trollier or Cronin to spring in that situation today.

Yes, keaney was central to that today. Hope it’s nothing too serious but if it’s not something that can be shook off in the heat of battle with adrenaline pumping I’d be surprised he makes it back in a week but here’s hoping.


Seems like a shoulder injury…likely to miss rest of championship which is a huge loss to Dublin and the man himself. He has been the main man this year so up to the others to step up now.


Before we get carried away a decent display from Dublin mainly from physical tackling and strong run through but we are still far away from Kilkenny they went up a gear last 10 and we couldn’t live with it
Wexford match will be a better guide
As a note keaney was immense and gives all old chappies some hope


Very proud of that performance today. Gutted at result,but, we’ll learn and move onto the next one. Na Dubs Abú.


I hear it’s the collar bone. Not good for this team to lose a real leader.