2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Interesting point being made…" It beggars belief how Leinster voted in a format that would see the bottom team in their championship relegated automatically, while any Munster team in the same peril will get a play off before they would get relegated. Take a bow Frank Murphy".

Smacks of league format being changed when Cork faced relegation to 1B…


This was a standout feature of the thing that will only really come to the fore when someone is relegated. It seemed to be have been glossed over by everybody at the time of the format being introduced. This won’t go away quietly when the time comes and a specific team has to be relegated.


Stopped reading after the first 2 paragraphs.


Nothing will change unless Kilkenny or Galway end up in that relegation fixture. And even then they would need to lose that game before Powers that be would take any action. Realistically the thinking behind all this was that Dublin Laois Offaly Antrim or Westmeath would probably be in this fixture year in year out!


O’Connell more important than a lot of those listed Cuala and non Cuala to my eyes


Equally as important! But not more important I would say!


after Sean Moran the most important cuala player and I would argue the most important after Moran of all the names listed by wifi… an absolute terrier and fittest player in the county


He was exceptional this year. That run & pointvwas sublime then he seemed to move onto breen (who was scoring for fun) and shut him down.


Absolutely we need O Connell. But he is as I say Equally important to the team. A number of areas need improving and midfield would be one of them!


a lot more to O’Connell than a simplistic view of he being a midfielder, we’ll beg to differ on his importance but on 2017 and 2018 form he is much more vital than some of the fashionable names / reputations listed


My point is we need him along with the others listed. In other words he won’t solve all our problems on his own! Not saying you said that. But I think you know where I’m coming from on this?


agreed none on their own will solve it but some are more equal than others !!


Some more equal than others! It’s a while since I read George Orwell’s Animal Farm! :grinning:


You are right, I forgot about him. Maybe Moran slightly more important but O Connell definitely would bring a lot and will be a definite starter.


I am not sure improving the team would be technically correct, because I don’t think what we have seen this year to date is the basis of the team. I think the best 15 would include maybe 7 or 8 different guys from what we have seen so far. My big worry though is I don’t think you can go into championship with such a completely different team, so he may have to stick with what has been available.


Sticking with the league panel would be a safe sure way of playing in McDonagh Cup next year! Has to risk bringing in the Cuala lads and returnees from long term injuries. Apart from the opening 15 mins v Tipp we were poor enough in the league. Everything moves up a few gears from here on in.


Yep, you can’t take good club hurlers and make them county standard championship players in a few months. We know we don’t have huge strength in depth. Once you go outside the top 25 we are in trouble - but I think are first 20 are decent. But I don’t think we have had more then 7 or 8 of them on the field st the same time this year.


He already has. Snr v 21 challenge last night


If Cunningham did that there would be war.

Why can’t they leave the players with their clubs? Some players are only 8/9 days out from next round of championship


Only a couple of days after the first round of championship. I realise pat has a team to gell together but seems mad to have them out of a Tuesday evening.