2018 LSHC Round 1 - Dublin v Kilkenny, Parnell Park, Sunday May 13th 2pm


Championship, as usual, will be substantial step up from the league. We finished our campaign against Tipp with 15 minutes of flourish followed by 55 minutes of whimper. Tipp showed the level that they are at against Limerick which helps put some context on our league finish.

Kilkenny will show the level they are at next weekend in the final. If its one team they can’t stand to loose to its Tipp. I’d expect everything on show for this one.


Seems so far away but at least it gives us 6 weeks to get lads back who were injured etc,or with cuala.Hopefully in that time we can gel into something resembling a decent championship team and give ourselves a fighting chance


Any word on which Cuala lads have come on to panel for this one? Need to be brought into mix sooner rather than later! It will take a week or two for them to adapt to the different system!


If we hook, block and fight them into oblivion for every single ball, then I’ll be happy. Just attack and be in their faces constantly. He needs to pick the right fifteen but hard to speculate as to who that might be, when we don’t know who is injured and who isn’t. If 10, 11 and 12 are beaten, we won’t keep the score down as backs will be overrun.


Noticeable that con was with the footballers already. Club action this month so not sure we’ll know who is in or out for awhile.


The tipp match was something else, from the sublime to the ridiculous in the blink of an eye and we just couldn’t get going again. Consistency is a huge issue.


Might have been a case of taking no chances. Jim Gavin is no mug! And could well be just making sure Con was made feel part of a winning set up! Not that there was any! But in an off chance Con was toying with any notion of giving the hurling a lash at inter county! :smiling_imp:


Funny I saw it as the other way round, con keen to get back in and get his place back.


You could very well be right! After all Con did say in an interview after the replay of Club final that he would not be going hurling with county team any time soon!


April was supposed to be for Club games. Can’t see any of them back with Dublin till after the second round of championship.
The fixtures make it impossible. Con and Mark Schuttee plus others, I think, play both codes, they will have four Club championship games in April.


Don’t think the club break will effect the Dublin footballers as much as our hurlers.



It’s April, in the run up to the championship and still the panel on the Dublin web site still very outdated. I know stuff like that isn’t first priority, but the oul’ supporters could do with a crumb of info every now and then.


And the younger ones, too.


We know more about the limerick panel then the dublin one


Do Inter County squads have to be named for GPA grant reasons etc ?
Very frustrating not knowing who’s in and who’s out. It would make Club Champo a little more interesting knowing who’s in panel so you could see how they’re going.


Only Sean Moran, cian o c and jake Malone came back so far


I guess it’s not really that we don’t know the detail, we wouldn’t know everyone on the football squad either, it’s that we don’t have a clue in the world. I can think of maybe 10 to 12 guys that are definites (I nearly wrote probably definites, but that wouldn’t make a lot of sense :grinning:), but outside of that I have no clue.

@dublinforliam above mentions 3 Cuala lads back. Outside of those, who knows who it could be.


i dont know about yous but the thought of us facing kilkenny worries the shit out of me,
i am glad giller got the job but us facing the cats it could get ugly


Not the game I would have picked first up.


Unfortunately we can only play the cards we are dealt! I said it before and I’ll say it again. Year one in Championship has got to be about beating Offaly and keeping it respectable against the other 3. Do that and we preserve our championship status. Then we build for year 2.