2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


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For those that didn’t see the whole match here are extended highlights


I think both Thomás and Wheelan are both very good analysts and tell it as it is, in fact I love when they give their opinion as I think they both know their stuff and aren’t afraid to say it. Someone asked above if Kerry would like cooper in their back line and I can say without fear of contradiction that they would without hesitation take your hand off for him. Mind you no more than the Dubs would like Geaney in their forward line but that’s a no brained n both counts.

The fact is that Johnny cooper brings a certain edge to his duties in that back line, personally I have no issue with this as I expect every back to pluck as many feathers of his marker as he can every time they both contest an incoming ball. What’s starting to rankle with other top counties is that he doesn’t seem to be subject to the same sanction as other similar type players in his position. He was on a yellow card last Sunday and he went in in an “over robust manner” to put as mildly as I can and he received no sanction. Personally I think his body shielded the incident from the referee and this is the reason he didn’t get his yellow or red card. That being said the issue seems to have been parked now and I think he can count his lucky blessings.

Last year Crowley was given the line for a second yellow against mayo in the replay for a dangerous tackle. Now I challenge any reasonable GAA fan to concur with that decision. He put the hand in for the ball in two quick consecutive tackles on the mayo forward, he failed to either stop the player or get the ball and good ol’ David Gough sent him off the field in an All Ireland Semifinal, after bursting his balls for the previous ten months for a dangerous tackle and this along with a screamer of a decision to send a fresh Darren O Sullivan to the line after cillian O Connor stood up after falling on the field and running intentionally into him and dramatically and theatrical diving to the deck, two of our potential best performers on the day gone on two separate stinkers of calls.

We set up very stupidly that day in my opinion and those ridiculous sendings off may not have changed the result but they definitely impacted on our ability to turn the tide against mayo so they don’t sit well for obvious reasons. Gough also put on his ten gallon hat in the first half and selected a horse called Kerry for his first ride in that particular rodeo.

Anyway I digress !!! Johnny was bloody lucky and the tin hat theories that the world is out to get him don’t sit well with the fact that he skirts the edge. The general collective here still believe he is the best man to hold the “communion plate” for those of ye wondering that’s the handled silver disk held by the Alterboys to prevent a dropped Eucharist hitting the floor.

Good luck in the Leinster final, Jees’ ye must be shittinz yourselves


I wouldn’t disagree with a lot of that post, but I think if you looked at what most were saying, it is certain players getting singled out in the media, while others do the same and little or nothing is said about it, the Connolly incident and the Andy Moran one for example, two similar incidents, but yet for one Pat Spillane had read up on the rules to go on a rant, whereas nobody seemed to care about the rules in the Moran case. James Horan had a go at Cooper last year too, accusing him of falling like a sack of potatoes, when footage clearly showed he had been hit, one of the O Connor brothers falls like a sack of spuds every game and yet nothing is said the same lad smashes a Galway players face with an elbow and again little or nothing is said.


Nice ‘friendly’ take on the usual campaign slogans there. "Ah sure lookit ladsh, between yoush and me, we all know Jonny is a very lucky lad - greeeat warrior, don’t get me wrong lads, wouldn’t we all love to get him inshide the yuletide shtocking - to get away with all the shtuff that he doesh. There now, tish shaid boysh, we can all agree on that and move on (well, jusht as shoon as he getsh hish comeuppance the dirthy thramp boy!). Ahem…

If only the poor aul Kingdom could catch a break like that from (that ever growing list of assassination target) referees, a crumb from Johnny’s and the moighty Dubsh table, we’d be competing on a more level field."

Best of luck to yee against the Langers at Siamsa Cois Laoi - I’d say yee’l need it. One of these days de Rebels are going to take over and dominate. They nearly did it about 45 years ago there, lest we ever forget, it put the heart across yis, craythúrs. If only yee had a few more media pundits and shcribes to shtick up for yee. But the downtrodden will always get their day and rise up to defeat the tyranny once and for all.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a player from any county playing on the edge of the rules. The key point is the edge, anything beyond should be punished accordingly. Cooper could of seen red last week but in the grand scheme of things his singling out by certain pundits is quite obviously a ploy.

Whether the same should be given a national platform to push their bias is another thing but they should certainly be called out on it. Now, in my view, its very hard to take Spillane seriously, he is a one trick pony when it comes to punditry and the only thing that really matter is whether such pundits have an influence on referees etc.

In many cases its clear that they do.


Yerra yerra yerra.


Was the tackle on cluxtun covered in a fair manner . I think it was in truth, the offending player was roundly criticized and correctly as he caused serious injury and could have caused a career ending injury . Was the cooper tackle analysed fairly ?? I’m sure you don’t think so but in fairness to all others he led with a closed fist and raised elbow, neither to be fair connected with significance but the tackle could have ended very badly for the opposing player, the quandary is do we act or do we wait ?


Jaysus this is like Crimebusters now! Don’t stop…


What would you like to do? And would it be fir the good the game or for the benefit of the kingdom. Btw what’s your thoughts on iPads? A luxury device that only the elite can afford that give them a clear advantage when kicking points or a waste of money, Shure I’d rather give the money to the lads…


iPads are a wonderful addition to the ever developing trends of modern social media, now tomorrow night I will read you a longer story, now sleep well as you are very tired ,


What exactly are you getting at here ?


“By cruysht ladsh, that fella needsh to be taken off de streetsh before he doesh sherioush harm to some poor innocent craythúr!!”.

This is like the Gay Byrne radio show on a Monday morning in the 80s. “Right folks, right folks, I have Mick from Ballyduff on, and he doesn’t sound happy. Go ahead caller, what’s upset you so this fine morning?”


Can it be the goalkeepers revenge and other stories…? Please


When some player is stretchered off the narrative will be “he is doing this without sanction for years” rightly or wrongly in your opinion, probably the latter. Thing is with the strength and conditioning of modern inter county players and the pace they move at a serious injury Will result if the referee doesn’t visit sanction on dangerous play. If cillian young led with the fist/elbow to the face of Bernard brogan and he was stretchered off with a broken jaw bone would you be pleased if he had been living on the edge over a prolonged period without deserved sanction what would be the narrative on this blog be ,?? I know what it would be and you would be correct and right.


I think the challenge on cluxton was pretty bad . I had a good view of it from my seat and it was dangerous. He went in with the intention of softening cluxton up and he did that and more. It had to receive coverage , could nt be ignored. 2 game ban imo would nt be wrong.


His not taking about that though he really wants to know should JC get a retrospective ban. Don’t worry pat has him in his sights.


He mentioned that cluxton incident got plenty of coverage. My point is it had to and indeed should have got more. Longford player whose name escapes me got off lightly imo . Spotlight should have shone brighter on him for what was a cowardly and brutal challenge.


JJF if cillian O Connor was involved in a mirror like incident against one of the Dublin players what would be the narrative be on this blog.

Think before you type, now that’s what I’m talking about !!


Jaysush ladsh, nobody cruyed shtop! But the shigns were there, we were curshed blue in the bloody face tryin t’tell yish!! And would yish lishten? Like blashted hell yish would! Well GAAaaa, CCCCeeeee, refereeeesh…all you facelessh suited legishlators who only want the Dubsh to win, don’t say yish weren’t warned boysh!!