2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


It’s been an issue for years but so far it hasn’t stopped us winning. Hard to escape the feeling that it will someday. Other teams know that if they have a decent defensive structure and players they can usually stay in the game because we don’t convert a good percentage of our chances or very promising situations.


They are already going after him. Kerry have been after Connolly since DOS’s article a few years ago, and in a roundabout way the finally got their man. I do genuinely believe they have a target in mind, which is to undermine as many of our major essential/irreplaceable players as they can, in order that there’s a greater chance they can beat us before we equal the record of their greatest team.


Agreed. Just like Philly, he comes in for dogs abuse & just like Philly, his cards to abuse ratio is pretty darn good over the years. As long as he stays on the pitch for the most part, I’m being realistic in getting down from my high horse & shutting up.


Cooper the man I don’t know but Cooper the footballer is a terrific player. However I do think Rico is correct and that the player needs to play more and cut out the lower level behaviour.


Dont think the comparison with Ricey is correct, in so far as Ricey tried to injure players, sneaky knees etc, Jonny is more in your face kind of stuff, surprised ROC never got the slack Jonny gets, I think their styles were similiar, Rory almost always had a hand on his man.


That wasn’t a foul then and no free should have been awarded. Heery made a side to side challenge which was legal at the time (the rules have since been changed so that it must be shoulder to shoulder). Barr couldn’t do much about O’Rourke being propelled backwards into him. To be fair to him, O’Rourke never made a big deal about the challenge.


Rory was bigger. And not hard on the eye…


The problem with Ricey for me was his late hits and continuous sledging. Cooper (and O Carroll in his time) are just in your face. It’s up to the opposition player to sort it out if he can. There is an element of intimidation and bullying in any contact sport.

Having said that, hands on a player off the ball is actually illegal, if this was not being allowed it would make it much easier for the refs to see foul play in general.


Rory spent most of his standing sideways with his arm outretched on his man’s shoulder, always felt it must have been really annoying for the other player.


He was incredibly good though. We have never really replaced him. For example, McManus of Monaghan always does damage against us, but I remember O Carroll shutting him down completely.


It’s such a specialized position, he was TAILER made for it too. We have changed our pattern of defending to make up (somewhat) for our loss. It’s such a shame as you’d feel with him still in the team that we’d be 3-4 points a better team or thereabouts!


Tailor made.



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Thats why that cunning stunt spillane drew attention to cooper on TSG


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