2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Warm to …
He is hugely involved in Na Fianna at all levels. He coaches - kids, girls, women - anyone. I’ve yet to see a parent run home with their kid because of big bad Jonny. He is also an active member of the Exec and has been hugely instrumental in speaking out against a project that could kill the club. He was even down supporting the senior ladies in their QF last Saturday evening.

So how about you at least at least refraining from your comments about a man you clearly know nothing about …


Ryan McMenamin has three all Ireland’s and gave his all anytime he played for Tyrone. Still not someone I’d want any sons I had to imitate on the pitch.

Your lack of any objectivity whatsoever pretty much makes your opinion invalid.


See above - I know the man well. Believe me if your sons turn out to be half as good a person as JC you’ll have done welI. Please God they won’t be like their Dad - judging people that they know nothing about.


Ah, I think it’s fair enough to say that someone doesn’t approve of something done on a football field. It’s a game, what goes on there has very little reflection on the person himself.

I get Rico’s point. I don’t agree with it, but I get it. I think I there is a line that can be crossed that is unacceptable for a Dublin footballer. I don’t think Cooper is near that line though.


So that’s the way you operate on here? You only comment on players you know intimately? Give over.

I’m sure he’s a gent off the pitch and fair play to him if he’s a great club man- there should be more like him.

I’ve only ever commented on his on the field play which is fair game on a gaa forum I would’ve thought. I have an issue with the way he plays, you obviously don’t. Let’s leave it at that.


You are judging the man - clearly.

You have also made accusations of diving and feigning injury etc which you could not possibly substantiate yet you question my objectivity and say my opinions are invalid?? Christ.

And you compare him to McMenamin? How exactly? JC is nothing like him.


I agree with you that there is a difference between ‘hard’ players and niggly ones for want of a better word. Cooper is a magnificent footballer but he does tend to get involved in an awful lot of incidents, more so that the likes of Rock or Kilkenny who are also singled out for special treatment from opposition players, and as has been said on here earlier he tends to seek out the conflict from the throw in, perhaps he feels it gives him an advantage in that it distracts his opponent while he can remain focused on ther job at hand.
However yesterday, for whatever reason, he didn’t remain as focused as usual and it was no suprise that Gavin took him off at half time.I won’t comment on whether or not he is a good role model or a great clubman,I wouldn’t know, but if he continues to lose focus and make challenges like the one highlighted on TSG,(which I thought could have been a straight red, but at least a yellow), then I don’t think Gavin would be happy to risk him in the bigger games when he has the options of Jack Mc, COS, Small and Daly to cover in defence. It’s one thing losing a man against the likes of Longford,but in a final or semi final it could be the thing that tips the balance against us.


Looks like the Spillane oracle is working …


Did you think that challenge was ok? Not was it better or worse than what others tried to do, but would you be happy if someone put a ‘tackle’ like that in on you when you were playing?


Is David Byrne injured? Hasn’t been named on subs for last 2 games. Had a great league campaign.


No but I could also pick out maybe 10-15 other challenges I wouldn’t have been happy with either in Croke Park yesterday. Didn’t see them discussed on TSG though.


Actually I don’t think Gavin has a serious option not to have Johnny on the team … sure we have options like the ones mentioned above but for me he is our outstanding defender and the leader of the entire unit … if him or COS were out for latter stages I think we are fooked


Rico, any chance you might come clean and let us know why it is exactly you have an axe to grind with the Dublin inter county players ? . Connolly now Cooper something your not telling us. I find it hard to believe you could travel the country watching dubs games and hold that opinion of cooper. The lad takes some abuse and manages to stand his ground, and it’s not good enough unreal. As for an example to kids, do you remember him at last years under 21 final by any chance?. I guessed not.


I’m only talking about Cooper though. I honestly don’t care what some lug from Longford does on the pitch as long as he doesn’t injure a Dublin player. Coopers action however might well have a big impact on what Dublin are trying to achieve this year, which is why I suggested that perhaps Gavin would opt for someone who is less likely (based on yesterdays performance), to get sent off.


Bit unfair @spanner … not like he sees red every other game.


I think it falls into the category that if it affects the team & us winning . I adore Connolly but every time he got sent off i was bulling because it affected our chances of winning . I think all this criticism comes down to the point that Cooper is so important to this team that we need him on the pitch. Fingers will be pointed if we lose a big game & he sees the line . Simply because he is a brilliant defender & leader .


I appreciate that, that’s why I said based on yesterdays performance, because it was obvious that he wasn’t nearly as focused as he usually is and was reacting to every single bit of contact or conflict, stuff he usually laughs off.


Aye - look he’s no saint and that’s part of his game - not unlike Philly. But when his own fans (apparently) can sit in the stand and watch him take hits and then pass judgment and accuse him of diving etc that goes too far.


Remember Cluxtons yellow in Tralee last year for retaliating to provocation, what’s different ? .


Johnny Cooper is imo the best reader of the game in the country. His ability to be in the right place before a ball is even kicked is incredible. He’s also the bravest defender I’ve ever seen. To coin a phrase from Brolly about him. “He’d put his head where you wouldn’t stick a crowbar”. The man’s a warrior and I’ve never once seen him end up in a scenario where I thought he was recklessly and intentionally setting out to injure a player.

I’ve seen players such as Colm Boyle do far far worse and never be called out for it. I’ve seen Lee Keegan attempt to choke one of our players out during a game and never be called out on it. Only this weekend I seen Neil McGee repeatedly knee a player in the lower back after he was involved in a head collision. I’ll not get into some of the sledging Tyrone defenders were renowned for in the noughties.

If we’re calling out JC on here there’s a long list of players he’s in line behind to get called out on before we get to JC. JC plays hard, plays on the edge but most importantly, plays fair. Having witnessed some of the treatment some of our players have had to endure over the last few years we need lads like JC, Philly, John Small and McCarthy to keep some of our opponents honest.

In short. The man is a living legend