2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Yeah I was thinking that too, Fitzsimmons was wandering away from his man a few times. I guess the lack of uncertainty of the outcome may have an effect. I’m.sure we will be hearing how hard we are tackling come super eights whennwe could pick up the intensity.


Actually think Cooper has improved his discipline. He is no angel and still plays on the edge, but is picking up less black cards and less sendings off then he was a couple of years ago.

I also think it was better that the abuse he got wasn’t highlighted as it could easily have a sort of Streisand effect.


When did he get sent off ?


Keep an eye on Cooper the next match when he goes to shake his man’s hand before the match. Anytime I’ve seen him he initiates the messing that goes on off the ball. Quality player but needs to cut the shite out.
The reality is as long as Cooper continues to act the maggot he’s going to be an easy target for both opposition players and clowns such as Spillane. Gavin taking him off might make him cop on.


Maybe I’m mistaken, but I seem to recal him getting done for two yellows in a couple of league games over the years (Cork two years ago was definitely one). I could be mixing up black cards with being sent off.


Thought it was silly a Laois ref being put in charge of the match where the winners could meet Laois in the next match and so it turned out that way. Putting pressure on the ref for no reason. Time for the gaa to use a bit of foresight in these appointments.


There’s not much wrong with his sending off record, if he can bring it to the line and not cross it, I’m fine with that. That Longford guy was nearly through on goal and he needed stopping.


Was saying the same myself as we dined between games yesterday. Indeed Carlow v Laois was reffed by a Longford man who could also have had the same predicament if they had beaten Dublin …


Whether he gets send off or not is a secondary issue. There’s a certain way to carry yourself when you wear a Dublin jersey and to me he lets himself and the jersey down with his carry on.


I thought that was the only possibility. Looking at the recording of the game, the TV doesn’t have the ball being placed, but it has the second after the ball was kicked and both Comerford’s feet are inside the 13M line, so it would have been very hard for the ball to have been over it.


That’s just f*cking hilarious … hilarious. Carry yourself! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s not crown green bowls …


Ah, I don’t know. Everyone has their own standards on that. But for me, he is prepared to live and die by the sword. He isn’t hitting guys when they are on the ground (or up in the air), it’s all man to man stuff. He is ferociously brave, One of the bravest I have ever seen on the field, it is very hard to channel the aggression that makes that possible within very narrow parameters.


I think you are going a bit far there, I mean yesterday the two incidents that were highlighted were not of a very serious or cynical nature, in the first incident all he seemed to do was grab a lads jersey, that happens all the time and I reckon the yellow was harsh. I felt the second was a yellow, but Tomas O Se didn’t seem to think it was, but neither incident were anything out of the ordinary.


There were a lot of people on this and many other sites criticising Philly Mc for his control measures of certain players. Like Johnny, he is now a feature of opposition attention, looking for reactions. Like Connolly. Like many before them.

Lads, we have to accept it, you don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. As long as we’re making omelettes and not doing it in the style of Donegal or Tyrone? Yep, I’m an omelette eating hungry mudda fucka!

If you don’t like breaking eggs, you’ll win feck all!


Jaysus, some wallop…had forgotten that one. “When you get tackled by Eamon Heery…you get tackled.” :grin:

Still only a runner-up to the Mickey Ned O’Sullivan pole-axe in the 70’s though! Different game, different times.


A head scratcher all the same as it deffo crossed the 20m line before anyone touched it


Jeez the pun censor doesn’t half move quickly. Must be some sort of pun alarm that goes off with mods springing into action :slightly_smiling_face:


From looking at Deegans hand signals before the throw up it seemed to me he gave it as not all players were outside the 20 before the kick.

The next kick out (I think) Deegans told Comerford to wait for all players to be out and told our lads to get out. Can’t remember who it was but they went from a walk to a jog to get outside the 20.


Dublin have lots of hard players (Flynn, McCarthy, Small) who are well able to dish it out and take it. Cooper isn’t in that bracket. He is constantly mouthing and goading opposition players and then feigns injury when he inevitably gets the retaliation he’s looking for. Not a player that you’d warm to or use as an example when coaching kids.


Jonny Cooper has four All Ireland medals and given his all whenever he puts on a Dublin shirt. You constantly put the boot into him and make assertions about him and accuse him of diving etc when he has taken really hard whacks.

Frankly you make me bloody sick.