2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Very true. We won’t truly realise the quality we’ve had 'til father time changes the squad look.

Saw James Mc commenting on how different things looked in Leinster when he came in, in 2010, watching from the bench as Meath got those 5 goals. Eight years is a long time in football evidently. No matter what happens in the remaining years of this decade, we’re surely at the point where the original Decade of the Dubs will need to be redefined as the prequel!


Right, gotcha. Thought he might’ve been mixing up his Ulster opposition. I had Michael Murphy in mind.


Barr might not have been too critical of the challenge, bearing in mind his hit on Colm O’Rourke many moons ago !


Was that the one in tandem with Eamon Heary?


Was that the one in tandem with Eamon Heary?

My Jebus that was some hit.


O’Rourke wants to split Dublin in two. Barr and Heary nearly split O’Rourke in two!


"colm o rourke gets battered by Dublin "



Don’t see why lads are having a go at Johnny, watching from the lower Cusack every Longford lad near him was having a go. He got his first yellow for a jersey tug I think which was dubious enough but the Longford 15 had only just kicked him before it, their number 5 attempted to catch him with a box or elbow at one stage i.e. it looked like he tried the box and followed through with the elbow and didn’t connect fully. At one stage he stayed the furthest Dublin player back to get a break from it and it was McAuley’s turn to get hacked at. It seemed a tactic to me to pick on the identified hot heads in the team to try get an advantage.
The red card was as clear as it gets also.
If you are Longford you have to try get every advantage you can.
On another side of things the standard of officiating this year is terrible and I feel it may have an impact on our push for the AI.


Would disagree somewhat with that, there were occasions yesterday where officials through the use of technology and communication available correctly overruled and overturned an awarded score, that wouldn’t heave happened a couple of years ago We also had examples of good use of the advantage rule which led to scores in the game. We are all too happy to let fly at officials for getting it wrong so Let’s give some credit for when the correct decisions are made


If a score is awarded wrong or not given but was a score then Hawkeye will notify the referee so yesterday was nothing to do with the officials


Its an official who is reviewing scores using hawkeye, he can then communicate via radio to the referee. Yesterday’s incident was very clear that the referee received a communication from the review official to seek the assistance of Hawkeye after umpire incorrectly signalled a score…this is good teamwork by the officials (except the umpire )


The guys commentating on TV should have known that too. When it went back to a Hawkeye call they were saying, will it or won’t it be a point, but it was always going to be as it was called back for it. Every score is checked, not just the ones that the umpires call for.

Also, Comerford had a kick out called for not being far enough, when it definitely was (to my view anyway). A bit of TV analysis of that would have been interesting. The whole game is on Youtube I see for anyone out of the country…


I thought the referee called it for placing the ball a couple of inches over the 13m line for the kickout


Ah here.


Is anybody seriously comparing the tackle on Cluxton with the McCarthy/ Mullins thing??


Comerford kick out was 100% past the 20m line. Ridiculous call by the ever attention seeking Deegan.


He knew he was wrong too


Jees’ Lads,
After viewing that tackle on O Rourke I’d say it’s easy to see why he doesn’t have much time for Dublin’s borderline tackling in the back line. Looking at that it’s probably a good thing that the game has been cleaned up, that was shocking in all fairness, imagine if a modern team hit like that !! Sky News all the way


O’Rourke has a few video nasties of his own which our superb historians here may be able to highlight …


Was different sport / game back then. ORourke and his Meath teammates did that and worse through those years. Incredibly ORourke come back on a while after and played on. The roar that went up from Meath when he came back on definitely lifted them. We were much the better team over those four games but just couldn’t put them away. Don’t want to even start thinking about that 4th game beyond that,