2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Please direct me to it in the playing rules.


I read it in an article and took it as Gospel. It was a motion in the 2015 GAA congress in Cavan which was deferred to the GAA medical & welfare committee and I can’t find out what happened to it


Trust me - there has been no change to the playing rules. What I said above is the current state of play. :wink:


I was in the Davin end fairly close to the goal and have to say Cooper was acting the maggot from the get go and was lucky not to have got an MDMA type stop messing yellow. Thought the incident highlighted on Sunday game was accidental, although the Muppet show in social media have a new theory - we practice “accidents” which are really intentional.

It doesn’t really matter if JC is wound up and get sent off or if it is down to himself, either way he needs to sort it. JG hauling him off will hopefully help.


Re the blood sub / concussion thing. I think we are on dodgy ground and probably need to stop bringing it up


You can be sure that asses have been covered at this stage!!!


Whelan far too passive when the manure starts getting flung around. Himself and Senan Connell need to put the blue jersey on every now and again and challenge these muck-spreaders. Their silence is only giving encouragement to the likes of Spillane to carry on with his anti -Dub agenda. He got DC last year and has JC in his sights now. It would also help if JC could avoid giving them ammunition, stay on the edge and on the park.


Rules are the rules. If the ref deems it to be dangerous its a red. If the ref deemed it to be reckless its yellow. I defy anybody to say it was not danderous. Sure Cluxton eneded up in hospital. Red all day long. And proper order too. Think what a certain Tyrone player did to Fenton. Deliberate late hit. Dangerous. Needs to eradicated from the game.These are amateur players who have to earn a living


Agree. Whelan got more exercised about defending Donegals McGee than he did either re the cowardly challenge on Cluxton or what was going on re Cooper. 2/3 Longford players tried to do Cooper at different points in the first half. The Longford no 5 Quinn nearly caught him with dreadful, deliberate elbow on Cusack side about 5 mins before his hit on Longford player. If Quinn had connected he would have done serious damage. Right in front of linesman and as usual took no action.

Whelan is very reluctant ever to stand up for Dublin. Connell just doesn’t have the minerals as the saying goes. Shame the likes of Mossy or even Keith Barr haven’t got tv pundit opportunity. Can you imagine Barr on TSG? :grinning:


Barr was on the Sean o Rourke radio show summer Mondays and was worth the listen. The slagging he gave Kerry after the semi final two years ago was gold. “The kingdom has fallen!”


There’s be a lot of George Hamiliton “inexactitude” type apologies if they let Keith Barr on d’telly.


[quote=“Auldtriangle, post:408, topic:3495”]
If the ref deemed it to be reckless its yellow. [/quote]

To inflict an injury recklessly on an opponent is a red too!! Agree with your views!


i agree it was a red all day long, it wasn’t just a late hitand cluxton got their early, the longford lad knew the ball was gone and then jumped into cluxton running at full tilt.

i was replying to a post from a poster who reckoned McCarty should have got a straight red for a big hit on Mullins in the county final (also think he didn’t think O’Carroll from crokes should have got sent off for going in wreckless and late on McCarty in the semi final )


Enough is enough…no comparison to McCarthy hit on Mullins and the hit on SC.

Fair enough, JMcC lined Mullins up from the blindside and nailed him…but it was shoulder to shoulder on a man in possession, in line with the rules of the game…no foul, no card. By the very virtue of the fact that NM was holding the ball, he is better protected (arms down, not exposed)…

Stephen was in the air, without possession of the ball and basically a sitting duck and the Longford player lit him up. it was not shoulder to shoulder, it was not on a man in possession, and it was extremely dangerous play. The final nail here was that he had every oppotunity to pull out/avoid Stephen, but chose instead to put a big hit on the defenseless player. Cowardly act IMO. Deserved red.


fully agree.


It was a cowardly act, pure and simple.


To be fair TOSe did defend cooper quite strongly… at this stage we ain’t gonna get anything else from Spillane …

Hard to judge a team when they are so in command but really I feel our defending in general is starting to be v loose … phillly has lost a bit of intensity … been saying it for quite a while but one of the better teams will have a day in the sun and have their shooting boots on n do us … amount of shots Longford got away yesterday was worrying …

At the other end our goal execution was terrible and has been for a while … there seems to be a tactic of u don’t shoot unless u are last man on the line …

As I said hard to judge but I just feel that defense is there for the taking


Is that the Donegal hit - a smack in the jaw - you’re thinking of or is it another one?


Colm Cavanagh


any word on Clukko?