2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


It would be a game changer for the hurlers if he is anything like he was. He was man of the match in an All Ireland minor hurling final - we don’t have too many of those


That was a long time ago now. How is his hurling for Whitehall these last couple of years? I think people forget that Keaney was hurling at a very high standard for Boden most of the time he was with the footballers, so he found it easy enough to move code.


Was there any other incident where a player on a yellow card made a challenge that looked like it could have been a second yellow?, I am not saying certain players don’t get singled out, but just don’t think that was the case last night.


It’s a mark of the quality of this dublin team where we score 2-25 and we’re still not gushing in praise … how spoiled are we these days.


I didn’t see any great reason for the first yellow. Unless he was warned previously, then there seemed to be nothing in it


cooper was lucky to stay on , but i agree with what the rest are saying , unless the lads on the sunday game want to highlight every tackle like that its not fair game.

they seem to be nearly apologetic when they highlight an incidents with the hurling


He was very lucky no more than our Cillian he plays on and sometimes over the edge. Bad tackle on Cluxton too…


Please don’t compare Jonny and ■■■ - not only not in the same parish … not in the same continent …


And we all know CO’C would never and will never be on the end of the same forensic analysis JC has been on TSG


He is hurling, but I haven’t seen him in a long time. Sometimes you have to just to take a chance on someone and see if you can develop them. I don’t know why he hasn’t come on more with the footballers. injuries probably set him back, and he is light enough too. But there are guys pushing to come on the panel, so unless you are continuously contributing on the field, like Daly for instance who comes on regularly, you might not get to hang around indefinitely. I have said before that it isn’t necessarily this year or never for Costello, but I think now the time is getting close when that is the case. He got the start in the league semi this year and it didn’t totally work out for him.

Schutte is in the same boat, but more so. He doesn’t seem to be making match day squads, if that continues, he could well choose to go back to the hurling himself.


No Mayo player will unless its for an All Star or POTY. Only one to call it right is Brolly.


You’d imagine so.


With three Kerry men on the RTE payroll, there are always gonna be one each on the match show & the evening highlights show. They even have a spare, for when one of the hoors goes on their summer holibobs. We’re fcuked. No two ways about it. Ciaran Whelan is a good analyst, but until he stops sitting on his hands and playing Mr Nice Guy whenever Cooper/Spillane/O’Se do one of their usual hatchet jobs on a Dub, we haven’t a hope of drawing even in the PR battle. The KOTF are only running rings around us.


They get the Studio , We get Sam. They can run as many rings as they like :grinning:


Will someone please think of the peoples champions, oh wait they get the POTY and All Stars and suppose we have to settle for Sam. :sunglasses:


A 2015 amendment to GAA rules stated that concussions are to be dealt with in the same manner as blood injuries, but there is no stipulation in the rule that requires a player to return after a specific time period before the substitution becomes a permanent one.


Tomas Brady should never have gone to football. Nor should Schutte. He will be a sub forever. Costello may be seen as too slight. We have reached the time where there are simply so many good footballers that good duallers may eventually opt for hurling.


Bit of a stupid amendment, the blood rule was brought in due to risk of infection cant see why concussion should be dealt with differently from any injury. If there is even the slightest suspicion of concussion the player should be off.


This is incorrect. The playing rules have not been altered by concussion. There is absolutely nothing there stating that “concussions are to be dealt with in the same manner as blood injuries”.

The GAA are encouraging mentors to follow best practice but there is no obligation on them or the ref to take the player off the pitch.

A referee cannot remove a player if he suspects a concussion. However he should ask a medic to assess a player who has displayed signs of the injury. In a case where no medic is present, the referee should advise the person in charge to remove the player. Even if a player has been medically assessed, the referee should ask the medic to re-assess the player if he notices any signs of concussion.


It’s not incorrect. Check it out with the GAA