2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


Nothing sound about them.


Looking forward to the game now, it will be a game of two halfs


My memory is different I saw a huge Dublin crowd around Kilkenny that day and don’t remember there being many empty seats in Nowlan park.

The biggest issue might have been that it was on the same weekend as the Cat Laughs festival so you couldn’t get accommodation for love nor money in Kilkenny that weekend.


Not to the extent that was predicted.


Predicted by who though, it hadn’t happened for years so nobody had a notion really. It was a bank holiday weekend with no accommodation available in the county. The recorded attendance was just over 16,000 and that wouldn’t include any U-16’s as they are not included in official attendance figures. At that rate it’s safe to assume there was probably close to 18,000 or 20,000 Dublin supporters. That is pretty decent support in any man’s language I think.

Had that game been in Croker it probably would have had less than 30,000 in attendance anyway.


Personally the motivation to watch Dublin play a division 3 or 4 team in croke park in the opening rounds of the Leinster championship is pretty low, but a game in Aughrim, tullamore, portlaoise or any other regional venue is far more appetizing.

Fair play to Evans he trying to make the game not being in Aughrim a motivation to get players and supporters up for the game. It was signalled long ago when the draw was made where the fixture was to be played.

In reality the top of division 1 is playing the bottom of division 4. If Dublin really turned it on, it would be a massacre. The team is planning for the super 8s this is a step along the road.


Well the attendance was 16,764 and considering Nowlan Park holds 27,800 , there was plenty of empty seats . Yes , we brought a big crowd but not as much as was been predicted at the time .


So in reality given that Under 16’s aren’t included in that official attendance figure there was probably 20,000 in the stadium so only about 7,000 free standing areas… not that much in fairness again given the magnitude of the game, the timing of it and the lack of accommodation.

Maybe we just differ in terms of what size crowd we think we’d bring on the road but for us to have 16,000+ supporters away to Laois is pretty decent in my opinion.

If it was an away game Championship against Tyrone or Kerry I’m sure we’d bring nearly double that!


Yeah but you made it out like it was packed only taking into consideration the stand . It wasnt .
Anyway , I get your point .


I would have to agree with this, the place was full of Dubs, I don’t think I saw a single Laois jersey except for on the train home passing through Laois I spotted one on a washing line


Kilkenny is only an hours drive from the Red Cow. Is the lack of accommodation in another Leinster county really all that big of a deal? Unlike a game in Kerry, people wouldn’t most people be ok with making a day trip of a game in KK?


It depends on each individual I suppose and how close to the Red Cow you live :grinning:

A group of us went to Portlaois last year, parked up early enjoyed a few pints before and after the Carlow game and had a great day and night. Enjoyed the occasion and the atmosphere afterwards with the town full of blue and navy (or white).

The previous year I drove to Kilkenny, some of the lads had one or two pints and then straight after the game it was back to the cars or on to the trains and it was finished. Different buzz altogether.


well, yes, as trips to Clones and Thurles (twice) in the recent past have proven.

the laois “boycott” of Nolan park was a farce, as they had simillarly botcotted their match the previous round in portlaoise. it gave them an excuse i suppose.

BTW i assume someone has pointed out that when we last played wicklow in championship it was in newbridge in 1989. was there such a farcial whipped up pointless frenzy then?


I don’t doubt it.

But would the lack of accommodation in another Leinster county, really make enough people not want to go to the game at all, to the degree that attendance is significantly affected?


Not everyone wants to do a return trip for any number of reasons no matter how close the venue is (to the red cow!). If you’d kids with you maybe you didn’t fancy standing on a train full of people half pissed from Kilkenny to Dublin afterwards.

Maybe you’d be more inclined to bring the family if you thought you could make a night or weekend out of it. I also mentioned that it was a bank holiday weekend, plenty of other events at the same time.

I didn’t actually state the attendance was significantly affected, I think the 16,000-18,000 Dublin supporters that travelled to Kilkenny that night was decent in the circumstances.


Haven’t read all posts so apologies if this has come up. Looking on tickets.ie and there are only terrace tickets available. Does anyone know if the stand is sold out or would they be available in Super Value/Centra?


The season ticket holders are entitled to the whole stand, see section 4, article 7, paragraph 5b


well if we had a proper season - with lots of home and away games, then season tickets would only cover home games and each county would have to allocate x number to away fans.


I thought there was loads there too.

But, then, I was seeing double! :sunglasses:


well I suppose the bag of Dutch gold on the way down on the train didnt help you, as well as spending all your scratcher and butter vouchers