2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


I was told Carlow had the opportunity to play in Dr. Cullen park last year, but decided to nominate Portlaoise when they realised that the vast majority of tickets would go to Dublin fans. Even Wexford were considering using Nowlan park had they won the preliminary round, due to the large number of tickets (especially with almost the entire stand) going to Dublin if they played in Wexford Park.

If we were to play in Aughrim (and having never been to a game their I would be quite happy to do so) Dublin would end up with the vast majority of tickets. This would just lead to more giving out and attack pieces in the media about the unfair advantages that Dublin have.


And why should a team be ‘rewarded’ for beating a team that barely avoided relegation from Div 3? Why should you reward a team that won their first championship game in five years? Kick up the hole more like …


Exactly. For teams that far down the pecking order, they should have to build to a point where they deserve a shot at the top teams, not rely on a soft draw and a good result once every 5 years. It’s bolloxology.


Weren’t laois fans going to boycott the game in Nowlan park a couple of years ago because it was been moved ?
Remember been at it & we didn’t bring a huge crowd after all the talk about been a big crowd.


They did boycott it largely - they brought fook all …


Complete bollocks from Wicklow and the quotes from their manager are entirely disingenuous. As quotd above, decided long ago, no doubt with the full agreement of Wicklow. Usual poor mouth shite.


Very little TV football coverage in the early part of the Champo. Focus is more on Leinster and Munster Hurling. I’d imagine that the Super 8’s coverage will be extensive later. Monaghan v Tyrone is being shown on tape delay on GAAGO. But for those of us who enjoy a good biased commentary there’s little to beat Northern Sound on the wireless.


The whole Donegal v Cavan game is on youtube broken up into parts


how is that not copyright issue?


Who robbed your sambos in glendalough? Poor oul wickla leave them alone.


Spend a lot of early childhood summers in Wickla … #scarredforlife


I think provincial championship qualifiers are being downgraded by stealth hardly any TV coverage its like championship begins at super 8 as far as TV is concerned.


There is an explanation on other threads. Too tired to rehash.


And so it does. The rest is just shadowboxing. And that’s not TV’s fault.


Sure it began at QFs or after these last few years anyway. Not much you can do with only 3/4 decent or half decent teams in the competition.


Do they only care now because they didn’t expect to win a game? They had the list of complaints about going to through the back door year in year out at the ready and surprised themselves by actually winning a game, so now they need something new to complain about


I expect John Evans to get very vociferous the closer we get to the game , the muppet .


Big changes on the way 2 tier championship will be enevitable now, and Sky will be an advocate id imagine.


TV3 have plenty of cash now too. The money men in HQ may have jumped too early and deeply with Sky (and extending with no real need to) now that the revamped Championships mean lots more games but the same amount of coverage. Will anyone be held to account for putting the cart before the horse? Probably not. Great deal lads …


It still frustrates me that RTE doesn’t put some more games exclusively online that aren’t shown on TV that they have the rights to.