2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


No matter where the game is played one thing is for sure Wicklow wont fear us


Lets be realistic, they finished bottom of Division 4 with no wins, included in that was an 11 point loss to Leitrim, 9 point losses to Laois and London and an 8 point loss to Carlow. It doesn’t matter where they play Dublin, they haven’t a hope in hell of beating us.

I just don’t see how rewarding a team who have trained and played in muck and shite all winter by asking them to play … in muck and shite facilities again is a reward.


Certainly wouldn’t disagree - they’ve no hope but for Teams like Wicklow, it’s a matter of gaining some positives from a no hope draw and using it to build some momentum for qualifiers. As Carlow did last year.
Quite simply if Wicklow handed Dublin the usual advantages of playing in CP, they’d lose by 20plus.
In local provincial view with smaller pitch and more neutral crowd allows them hope to do what Carlow did.
You’d soon forget how nice the dressing rooms and pitch are if you’re chasing Dublin shadows in CP.


Why should Wicklow be guaranteed the home game over Dublin? All the players from other counties don’t want a second tier competition and want to have the chance of playing in Croker and winning Sam so shouldn’t it be a draw of some sort to see who gets the so called home advantage.


I can’t respond to the 4 people who replied to me as I haven’t got the patience or time :joy:.

Two articles when I looked at my phone today, Evans the Wicklow manager wants it in Aughrim.

2nd article “Wicklow players” disapoihted at change of venue.

I’ve no idea how loyalty schemes work or would work for all Ireland final tickets, so couldn’t offer an opinion on how that would be affected.

The only real and valid point I feel is that the Wicklow players should be allowed play the game they were drawn to play at home, actually at home.

The welfare and rights of the players involved should come before money or season ticket holders


How is their welfare affected?


U21’s that year wrote the black strip
Last year NFL1 game both teams changed, Dublin wore Navy, Cavan wore white.
Rule states both to change in event of colour clash Unless both alternatives also clash,


Should add, I don’t think there is a need to change, Wicklow much deeper and darker blue to Our Blue, they also have some yellow in there, TV could play a part though.


They weren’t. It was just decided Dublin weren’t playing their first game in Croker.

The bottom line is the GAA have sold tickets for this game through the season ticket scheme. There is not enough seats in Aughrim for the tickets they’ve sold. Game cannot be played there.


Why deny thousands of loyal supporters the chance to see a game by putting in a totally unsuitable venue.


they could lose their childrens allowacce


I totally understand that Wicklow want to and should play at home and it would be great to play down in Aughrim but the bottom line is as a season ticket holder I’m entitled to entry into the game as stated in the season ticket terms and conditions page 5 section 4b, and Aughrim just cant facilitate all the season ticket holders. Again I would love to play in Wicklow and have roots there as my Great grandfater fought in the battle of Wicklow 1014 which I think was in partnership with Clontarf


With the greatest of respect to Wicklow. It was announced months ago that the game was either being played in Tullamore if Offaly won or Portlaois if Wicklow won. There was no ‘shock’ yesterday when Aughrim wasn’t announced as the venue.

John Evans comes across as a passionate guy but after the league campaign they had I think he has more important work to do in Wicklow than worry about where they are playing Dublin.


Hard to get excited about matches like these tbh. for all the wicklow get a crack at the big boys stuff, it’s fairly tedious & predictable.


Ridiculous it is. Wicklow are being portrayed as the plucky minnow getting shat on from above by the the big bad Dubs when in reality, given their population, they should absolutely have a facility that can stage this game and it should be a more regular occurrence for them too. No excuse for them being as poor as they are.

Gas thing is, all the talk is of Wicklow “fans” getting to see their team play the champions in their home ground. If the game was in Aughrim not one Wicklow fan would get a ticket. The 8000 tickets would be all Dubs season ticket holders as I can imagine you could count on one hand the amount of Wicklow season ticket holders.

The entire discussion around this is laughable as the people bitching about it know full well why it’s not being played in Aughrim but ignore the facts and use it as opportunity to grandstand against the Dubs. Embarrassing carry on


It seems having us outside of croker for the first game each year has caused more hassle than anything else. Has the home team had a “home” game yet ?


@beeko - answering you here as it’s more appropriate. This sensible offering in today’s Irish Times -

"A spokesperson for Leinster Council said that the matter had been decided a year ago.

“The Slattery report puts the capacity in Aughrim at 7,000 and there were 13,500 at the Dublin-Carlow match in Portlaoise. Season ticket holders are also guaranteed a seat at matches and there 3,000 in Dublin but only 2,000 seats in Aughrim.

“The overriding reason though is that last year the Leinster Management Committee decided that Dublin could realistically play championship in only four grounds in the province: Croke Park, O’Moore Park (Portlaoise), O’Connor Park (Tullamore) and Nowlan Park (Kilkenny)."

I presume they are just talking Dublin footballers.


That’s all fair enough and I get the whole safety aspect and season ticket-holders, etc… but in time, I reckon the Leinster Council will contradict themselves at some point after the Provincial SF Championships have been revamped (which is inevitable, in my view).


Tickets are on public sale this morning at the usual outlets.


They already have to a degree in not having Laois at home two years ago. Having not missed a Dublin championship game (been to most League too) I’d be rightly pissed off to hear we were getting just 3,500 tickets for Aughrim with Wicklow getting similar. No sense from a fairness,safety or financial viewpoint.